Your DNA is not your destiny: how to remake your genetic future starting in your closet

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doContrary to what you may believe, your DNA does not determine your destiny. That means that just because you have the gene for condition X, you will not necessarily develop condition X. The cause and effect relationship is often not that simple.

The blooming field of epigenetics examine how many different factors can really change your DNA.

The true meaning of "genetic predisposition"

Having certain genes or groups of genes means that you have a genetic predisposition to develop that condition. A predisposition means a "tendency towards" the development of a particular disease. But for you to develop the disease, the genes involved must be "expressed" or activated.

The truth about genes:
Most genes are expressed as health problems. If and only if The conditions are "correct" for activation.

Their experiences, from what they eat, to the air they breathe, the thoughts they think, change their DNA. Negative epigenetic influences can damage or mutate DNA, altering gene expression and allowing diseases to flourish. Every day we face a spectrum of these influences, like …

Nutritional deficiencies
Hormonal imbalances
Toxins and pollution.
Recurrent stress

Fortunately, other factors, including Commonly used spices: they can positively influence your genetic code.

Hard science in the medicinal use of spices

Professor Bharat B. Aggarwal, a biochemist at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, grew up in a home where the main medicines his family used were spices. "It seemed that almost all the spices in our giant cabinet of spices were a meal and a medicine," he recalled in a piece for Life experience magazine.

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That perspective informed his decision to investigate whether a particular spice, one with a rich history of medicinal use, had anti-inflammatory properties. When he began his research, there were less than 50 scientific studies published on the potential healing of spices. His pioneering research identified specific molecular and genetic pathways led by this species.

The spice contains high concentrations of phytochemicals, non-nutritious plant chemicals that have protective or disease-preventive properties.

A spice with hundreds of healing properties

The remarkable ability of this spice to treat pancreatic cancer is just one of its hundreds of benefits. Experiments show that the spice affects more than 100 separate pathways within each cell. Their antioxidant properties (that is, its ability to fight inflammation) are some of the most interesting.
Research has identified inflammation as the underlying cause of conditions, including …

Digestive disorders
Neurodegenerative diseases
Cardiovascular problems

Thousands of years of medicinal use, world-class laboratory research and the real-world experiences of millions of people confirm that this spice is the true dayl The convincing evidence proves that it is …

One of the most promising anticancer agents ever discovered. As effective in the prevention of strokes as the most recommended over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. It is able to relieve arthritic pain. It is able to balance blood sugar levels. Indicated as an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments for diseases ranging from cataracts to HIV

Why can not you allow yourself to wait to try this spice for yourself?

The healing potential of this spice is so powerful that at least one pharmaceutical company has already tried to patent it. Fortunately, there are regulations that prevent pharmaceutical companies from patenting natural foods … at least for now.

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If you want to access the information you need to use the incredible healing powers of this spice for you and your loved ones, do not delay. Limited Time, You can receive a full report on this miraculous spice for FREE: click here to reserve your copy today.

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