Your cells listen: how talking to your body helps you heal

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A mind is a powerful tool that has the ability to transform life. Nowadays, it is no longer a hidden fact that the brain can also heal its own body. Recently, studies conducted by researcher Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. revealed that thoughts have a direct impact on the body, whether they are conscious or not. They also affect DNA. While positive thinking has its good effects, negative thinking can do the opposite, gradually destroying the body. What we call miraculous healing is the constant practice of feeding the mind and the body with positive thoughts and an unconditional love that heals the body, often the whole, taking it out of the mouth of death.

How thinking improves the body

It's like the legendary spiritual leader Osho was once quoted as saying:This is true for any healing the body may need, which could be cured of a large trauma, illness or small wound.

When any of these hits the body, it reacts and clings to it. Therefore, if it is not released efficiently, it creates a blockage in the body. This may continue to create long-lasting health problems that may seem to have no cures, such as drained energy, digestive problems, joint pains, headaches, back pain and the like. Allopathic medicines such as analgesics and other similar drugs and external procedures can show their effectiveness by apparently relieving symptoms by suppressing them.

The body is already talking to you

The various diseases and ailments mean that the body is telling us something deeper. For example, if you are sick of cold it is not by chance. There is an underlying emotional problem that manifests like this. It indicates a conflicting situation in your life that has overwhelmed or stressed you. It could simply be the way in which the body this particular energy is creating a blockage and is an indication that it asks you to leave the situation.

Louise Hay makes clear that diseases of the upper respiratory tract generally occur when too many things occur at the same time, which creates disorder in life, mental confusion and small injuries. If you have a sinus problem, it could be because you are angry at someone or some situation and, as you release that anger, the sinus leaves you as well. In her book, Louise Hay connects a sore throat with the containment of angry words and the expression of self.

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The spiritual master and author, Deb Shapiro, explains that the body releases repressed emotions through the nose, colds and tears. She advocates that if you have a bad cold, you might want to delve deeper into yourself and identify feelings related to the pain or crying suppressed. Then, talk to your body asking questions like: Is this sadness an attention because you feel you are taking it for granted? Do you want to be treated and therefore, this disease? Do you feel that you need some time to adjust and accept something?

Useful tips for a positive body conversation

In the successful book "Heal Your Body A to Z", the author Louise Hay lists different ailments that are possibly caused by certain emotions. The author, who is a cancer survivor in the last stage, talks about all the self-help methods she learned and practiced to recover. You can practice talking to your body and you will be surprised how he responds to you. Feed it with positive thoughts, healthy foods, practice yoga and do meditation on a regular basis and you will be surprised with the results.

Start by creating a beautiful interdependence between you and your body that will evolve into a loving and respectful relationship between you and each of the parts, organs and cells of your body. Meditation will help you get closer to your body as you learn to listen to what speaks to you. Like all of us, the body also likes to be treated and cared for, since it is also alive. The simplest way to rediscover your relationship with your body is to tell him how much you love him and the gratitude you feel for him.

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Therese Wade, MSc in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has some very effective tips under her sleeves to follow this practice. She emphasizes approaching your body with compassion. She explains that the body is made up of conscious cells, which, like you or me, also experience emotions. Continue to build a bond with your body by engaging in positive mental conversations from time to time. For example, you can communicate to your body how you want to overcome the ailment and how you and your body work in unison to heal it.

It provokes changes in the daily conversation through your different words and thoughts provoked by spontaneous emotions. Osho simplified this explanation with two simple examples. He said that to lose weight, first ask the brain to be the messenger of his message to the body, telling him that, for example, 5 kilos less body weight would be ideal for you with your normal digestion. And, once you reach that stage, ask the body to stay in that weight.

Similarly, if you want to get rid of a migraine, talk to your body in two ways. Explain to the body how your help is valued for pain relief in the brain. Convince him with love that this condition is not his natural state and can leave him. Now, talk to the brain and tell it that you love it and that the pain it is going through is not natural and that it is time to release it and get rid of it. Once the pain leaves the brain, remind your brain never to remove it. In this way, the real healing takes place when you become a friend of your body.

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