You will not believe how these 6 herbs will help you in the fight against bone cancer

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Cancer is a serious problem that still causes the death of many people each year. Chemotherapy is an extreme method to alleviate cancer, but it is also dangerous because it is weakened during this stage. Some do not even survive it. That is why, if the cancer does not spread, we can resort to herbal remedies to begin with.

Home remedies for bone cancer.

In medicine, bone cancer is considered a DNA error in the cells of the body that causes cells to develop and divide incorrectly. Instead of simply disappearing as they are supposed to, cells grow for a certain period of time. The transmuted cells gather to form a mass known as a tumor, which can attack nearby structures or simply spread throughout the body.

The symptoms of bone cancer differ from one individual to another. The bulge can not be noticed unless the cancer is disseminated well enough. Symptoms may include swelling, difficulty with movement and pain, but also weight loss, fever, fatigue, excessive sweating or damage to a weakened bone.

Herbal remedies for bone cancer

When faced with bone cancer, it is recommended to consult a doctor. At the same time, we suggest you use these 6 remedies to defend against bone cancer:

Camellia sinensis

Commonly known as green tea, this herb contains antioxidants for the defense of cancer and will help strengthen your immune system. Consumed through capsules, extract, powder or simple tea, Camellia Sinesis will help prevent bone cancer.

Silybum Marianum

Also popularly known as milk thistle, this herb is beneficial for treating bone cancer, using an extract from the seeds of the herb. You can also take doses of 80 mg to 160 mg 2-3 times a day to eliminate toxic substances from your body, but be sure to ask your doctor what would be the correct dose for you.

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aloe vera

Aloe Vera has in its constitution a compound called Aloeride, which is known for its anticancer properties. This plant prevents the cancer from growing, and it can be consumed as tea or you can even make juice with it.

Uncaria Tomentosa

Commonly known as the cat's claw, this herb is also recognized as an active in the fight against bone cancer. If you face bone cancer, this plant will help you reduce it. To create immunity against the disease and cure your bones, you should consume a daily dose of 20 mg of Uncaria Tomentosa.

Ganoderma lucidum

This herb strengthens the immune system and treats bone cancer. Commonly known as the reishi mushroom, 2-3 doses of 150 mg to 300 mg per day can help fight cancer. They can be swallowed as they are or in the form of tinctures.

Equiset Comfrey

This herb is also useful for treating bone cancer due to the allantoin it has in its composition. This element helps to replace and repair the cancer cells that are in the body due to their proliferating substances.

While home remedies are recommended to treat the body in a less invasive way, you should consult your doctor about whether or not you should seek additional treatment. It is not recommended to self-medicate because your doctor knows your body better than you think.

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