You should not use antibacterial soap and here you have why

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Have you ever happily picked up a soap that says "antibacterial" on the label because you thought it would keep you safe from germs and bacteria? Well, here's the news: the FDA really recommends that we use simple soap and water to wash our hands. Why do you ask that? Because 75% of liquid soaps that claim to be "antibacterial" use a very dangerous active ingredient: triclosan. Combined with other ingredients such as triclocarban, bisphenol A, 2-butoxyethanol, parabens and dyes, this is the perfect recipe for a health disaster. Here are some reasons why you should go to the bathroom, pick up everything that says antibacterial and discard it.

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It messes with your endocrine system.

Many studies have shown that triclosan, the main chemical found in antibacterial soaps, can interfere with the regulation of thyroid hormones in your body. Most of this is because triclosan is chemically similar to the hormones released by the thyroid gland. Therefore, the chemical will bind to the sites of its receptors, causing its thyroid to function abnormally.

It can cause hormonal imbalances.

The chemicals found in soap can alter hormonal building in human and animal cells alike. Actually, triclosan can affect the prostate glands, which are usually regulated by testosterone. As a result, your prostate can grow larger. The same applies to triclocarban; Each organ dependent on testosterone, such as the prostate, will grow abnormally large.

It will not be effective against new bacteria.

It uses antibacterial products to kill the germs and bacteria it comes in contact with, right? However, when you do that, your body will no longer be able to build a resistance against new bacteria. In addition, if antibiotics are prescribed, soap can even make the bacteria resistant to antibiotics. As a result, you may find yourself with a new error that threatens your system and you will have no way to combat it.

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The skin dries.

Have you ever noticed how certain soaps make your skin look drier than normal? That usually happens in the case of antibacterial soap, so you should stay away from it if it is already prone to dry skin. Triclosan will act as an antibacterial agent, but by doing so, it will remove any remaining moisturizing oil from the skin. As a result, you may end up with symptoms such as redness, mild itching, peeling and irritation.

It makes you prone to allergies.

If the reason you keep buying antibacterial soap is to protect your child from bacteria and germs, think twice. Of course, you can have them removed when you wash your hands, but it will also affect the body's ability to protect itself. This is especially visible in children since it is known that triclosan makes them more susceptible to allergies, especially for hay fever.

This is when the good old soap you got from your grandmother can be healthier. So many chemicals used continuously in your body are not good for the long term. Keep it in mind!

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