Yoga for osteoporosis: 10 incredible postures

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Work yoga for osteoporosis It can be an excellent way to increase your overall strength and flexibility as you get older.

Yoga is known to be good for many different health conditions, because it can increase flexibility and circulationto stimulate detoxification of the body, rise Energy levels and strengthen the immune system. [1] Yoga for osteoporosis It is also a specialized type of this physical practice that can slow the development of this condition, and also works as a natural treatment if you already have osteoporosis. [2]

Yoga poses for osteoporosis

There are a number of effective postures for osteoporosis, including the posture of the triangle, the position of the warrior and the position of the camel, among many others.

Poses for osteoporosis

Bridge posture Lateral angle posture Half moon posture Standing forward Curve Camel tilt Twisted triangle pose Warrior pose Big toe post Dolphin post Triangle pose

There are also some tips to follow if you want to use yoga for osteoporosis:

Attention [3] in elongation and extension ceremonies Only poses long duration with neutral Thorn postures Bear weight with your hands whenever possible Try the soft push-ups to stimulate flexibility. avoid [4] Injury Add weights to increase the difficulty, if desired. Try the curves and slight side turns, but be careful with these poses.

Postures to avoid

Just as there are positions that can help with osteoporosis, there are others that can be risky or that can aggravate problems, such as the poses of the boat and the plow, among others.

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Down Dog Sitting Twist Sitting Front Fold of plowed boat

Tips to prevent injuries

There are also some general tips on how to prevent injuries:

Do not try to do sit-ups or sit-ups. Avoid postures that require spinal Bending Do not practice sharp turns and side bends Avoid accelerated or overly competitive classes Do not try to do big push-ups, as this could cause injuries Do not start an inversion practice Listen to your body; If you feel pain, stop immediately.

Yoga for osteoporosis: 10 incredible postures, reference:

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