Why the heaters in your room may be doing more harm than good!

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We give you four reasons why heaters are not good for you.

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While air conditioners remain off during winters, room heaters are widely used to combat the cold. Being an easy, cheap and convenient way to stay warm, it is not a healthy way to live when it is cold.

Here are four reasons why you need to turn off the heater to get benefits:

# 1 The moisture content in the air is exhausted: This is the most common problem of using a room heater. The air that is sent through the heater or blower, dries the natural moisture in the air, inside the room. This dry air, without humidity, causes dryness and roughness in the skin. If you have sensitive skin, this may also cause itching and redness or lead to infection. Also, if you have a baby, this could cause even more damage to sensitive skin and your baby's nasal pass. Extreme dryness in babies and babies, due to the excessive use of a heater, could cause skin rashes and nosebleeds. Are here Some tips to keep common winter diseases at bay.

# 2 Increase toxic levels in the home: There are several types of room heaters available in the market: unventilated and unventilated heaters. Unventilated heaters come with a built-in fireplace that helps ventilation and keeps the room clean, initiating a new airflow. While unventilated heaters release pollutants such as carbon monoxide, in the house, which could cause brain and organic damage in babies. Increasing the contaminant in a closed room is also not healthy for adults, poses a threat to asthmatics and could lead to other respiratory diseases. However, it has not been shown that the variety without ventilation does not release contaminants. Are here Tips to prevent allergic cold and cough during winters.

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# 3 Could cause accidental burns: Heaters that are enclosed in a non-metallic box can heat the outer surface when used for too long. If accidentally touched, this could cause burns that could be very serious, especially for the elderly and babies. Also, avoid keeping your lenses or glasses near the heater, as this could alter their molecular composition and cause burns or damage to the corneal tissue, when you use them later.

# 4 Could lead to temperature fluctuations: Keeping your heater at a higher temperature may cause fluctuations when you leave the room. The reason is that your body can take time to acclimate to the temperature outside the room. This fluctuating temperature could hinder the capacity of your immune system and cause the cold and seasonal flu. In the case of babies, overheating could lead to a condition called hyperthermia, which could be fatal. Are here The 10 best winter tips for you to follow.

Here are some tips you should follow to make proper use of the heater:

Keep a container of water in the corner of your room while using the heater. This will work as a vaporizer and keep the humidity levels in the air under control. Always keep the heater at a reasonable temperature so as not to overheat the room. To know which is the most suitable temperature for your configuration, consult the user manual and follow the instructions. Make sure manufacturers check and service your heater at least twice a year. This will ensure that the tubes, coils and bands work well so that they do not emit more carbon monoxide in the room. Be sure to open the doors and windows of your room to initiate natural ventilation. In this way, you can get rid of the contaminant and clean the room naturally. Dress appropriately to overcome the chills of winter and do not rely solely on a heater This will help your body adapt to the season and your immunity to work accordingly, to save it from seasonal episodes of cold and flu. Install the heater in the room out of the reach of the elderly and babies.

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Reference: https://www.thehealthsite.com/news/side-effects-room-heaters/, by Debjani Arora

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