Why should you teach your children to meditate?

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Most of us have heard that meditation is good for our overall health. Meditation, a method of relaxation by concentrating on the mind and breathing for a certain time, has been linked to decreased levels of stress and increased happiness in adults. But what does meditation do for children? Its effects on our children are plentiful and parents, teachers and researchers have seen these effects again and again.

How do children benefit from meditation?

Children benefit greatly from meditation. It teaches them how to calm down, clear their minds and start over. Meditation also helps children to:

Develop their minds Learn to pay attention Improve compassion Fall asleep Reduce stress and anxiety.

The list could continue with all the benefits meditation provides to children. Studies show that meditation can help control episodes of ADHD, PTSD and depression. According to Carolyn Williams-Orlando, PhD., "In clinical practice, many children benefit from learning meditation, including those with autism, trauma, anxiety, and attention, behavior, or depression conditions" (Williams-Orlando, 2013).

In what other ways does meditation help our children?

Children get many attributes of meditation. Confidence, greater self-esteem and resistance are evident while encouraging children to think about their personal actions. When used daily, it may also limit the need to give your child medications for depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other conditions. "Meditation has the potential to be a healthy, effective and free alternative to prescribing amphetamines to our children." ((Elizabeth Klco, 2010, p.4).

By participating in meditation with your children, you may be decreasing your future risk of substance abuse and depression, helping them make better life choices and becoming happier adults.

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How do I teach my son to meditate?

It is not difficult to teach your child to meditate. The biggest obstacle is to establish a structured and realistic routine that both can follow. The attention span of younger children is limited, but making sure to set aside a few minutes for meditation each day is important in the development of an established program. There are some steps for your child to focus on teaching him to meditate:

Concentrate on your breathing: encourage them to focus on their breathing, the movements of Your chest, and to be more aware of your surroundings. Give them a focal point. Let's face it: children will be children and will not have much strength. or pleading will keep them quiet for long periods of time. Instead, give them something to Focus on when you do not want to close your eyes. A sticker or image on the floor or The wall may be able to hold their attention longer and help them learn to concentrate. Set a goal: yes, things may not go according to plan, but having a goal set in mind helps Both you and your child adhere to a routine and observe progress along the way. If he the goal is to meditate for 10 minutes, or just to remain silent, to celebrate the Milestones: do not feel that you can not vary in that way!

The effects of meditation for children become evident after a short time and the practices and values ​​that it teaches will be with them all their lives. Help prepare them for emotional and psychological success and show them how to find themselves. Who knows? Maybe you learn something about yourself, along the way.

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Do you meditate with your children?

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