Why should we all boycott factory agriculture?

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A little over 18 months ago I committed myself to do something out of the ordinary: write a book about the days before the release of The Virgin Diet, including the behind-the-scenes story that only my close friends and family have known. .

The months during the release of that book were a scary time. Not because I was afraid to teach people about nutrition, but because doctors told me on September 10, 2012, just a few days before the release of The virgin diet – I needed to disconnect and let my 16-year-old son die after being the victim of a horrible flight and escape accident.

My life was crumbling before my eyes.

The weeks and months that followed taught me more about myself, about hope and about leaning towards fear than any of the previous 40 years.

And that vulnerability that I felt during the days immediately following Grant's accident is exactly what I felt these past 18 months, reliving every moment as I wrote the book that is the basis of the documentary film you're watching today.

It is a scary feeling. But it's one I'm leaning on because I've learned that sharing our struggles can be as useful as sharing our victories. So I'm sharing both.

My hope is that you see it, feel moved and inspired, and share the story with the people you care about so that they too can embrace the message: that you are stronger than you think.

After years of friends and family telling me this story that needed to be told, I relied on my fear and left my comfort zone. I hope that sharing will bless you and encourage you, and that you feel inspired to embrace the unique power you have to achieve great things, even in times of great stress and anguish.

While you look You are stronger than you think, you will see why I believe in the transforming power of gratitude. There have been moments of complete despair and frustration during Grant's recovery. But there have also been so many miracles, so many people who opened their hearts and gave us hope. No matter how difficult or painful life is, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. I think part of being strong is knowing how to be grateful in every situation.

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With love and gratitude,

JJ Virigin

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