Why France is shoveling its nose at vaccines (in a BIG way)

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Migraine is a very tedious complaint that I would like to discuss. It remains a sensitive issue, because there are many different causes. In addition, the medical profession is not very clear about what happens during a migraine attack and how it can be prevented. In my practice, I have counseled many people with migraine problems from light to strong. In some cases, with great success! Medications and analgesics could be discarded completely. I have observed many connections in practice and I would like to share them in this blog. Who knows, they can also help you. I advise you to study your particular situation and see if the advice I give here could help you.

First, it seems a good thing to distinguish between migraine-related cycle and migraine that can occur on any day of the month. My view on the development of migraine is that it is often the result of changes in blood pressure, neurotransmitters in the head or muscle spasms, often in the neck. Personally I believe that the neurotransmitter serotonin can play an important role in this. Blood pressure in the head and neurotransmitters affect each other.


Many women suffer from "hormonal migraine". This migraine occurs when hormone levels fluctuate. In this case, it is often a strong drop in estrogen. During the monthly cycle, this will happen during the days around ovulation (day 14) and / or just before the menstrual period. As the level of estrogen decreases, the level of serotonin in the head will also decrease, as will blood pressure as a result of vasodilation. This will increase the risk of developing migraines.

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But why do some women suffer from migraines at this time in their cycle, while others do not? A well-known phenomenon related to this is a too high level of estrogen, also known as estrogen dominance. If the estrogen level is high, the estrogen drops can also be much higher and this will increase the risk of hormonal migraine.

Known causes of high estrogen levels include:

A high percentage of fat, which causes a large amount of estrogen to be produced in the fatty tissue. A large load of chemicals that resemble estrogen, for example, plastics and pesticides. Deficient hepatic performance, for example, as a result of an "intestinal leak", high alcohol content. Consumption, and / or high load of chemical substances.

The specific remedies for the hormonal part (the tips listed under other causes may also work here) include:

Tips on how to counteract the dominance of estrogen through lifestyle changes are presented in The Hormone Factor Phytoestrogens in the form of supplements can reduce the fluctuations of estrogen. A doctor can prescribe estrogen patches (preferably bioidentical) to apply just before the critical moments. The release of estrogen can reduce the fall of estrogen, in some cases preventing migraine attacks

Migraine and the thyroid gland

The slow functioning of the thyroid gland can also cause migraine. The thyroid gland affects the monthly cycle, the level of serotonin, the flexibility of the muscles and the blood circulation inside the head.

Food and migraine

Food can also provide a trigger to develop migraine. Some foods affect the neurotransmitters (serotonin) and can function by themselves in a similar way to neurotransmitters. They can also affect blood pressure. The foods that can trigger migraine attacks, as I have experienced in my practice, include: foods that contain gluten and casein, chocolate (theobromine and tryptophan), alcohol, caffeine in coffee, tea and other beverages that contain caffeine and additives to food products such as glutamates, aspartame and nitrite. Another thing that should be avoided is a "leaky gut".
Many people who switched to foods according to the hormonal factor have stopped having migraines spontaneously.

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Keep in mind that the nicotine in cigarette smoke can also affect neurotransmitters and can sometimes cause migraines.


Stress It also affects neurotransmitters, blood pressure inside the head and muscle tension. Often, migraines occur during relaxation after stress (rather than during stressful moments in themselves). In addition to general stress reduction, magnesium citrate can help (200 mg in the morning and 400 mg in the evening). Magnesium will help the muscles (in the neck) relax.


Trauma to the head, jaw and neck are often the basis of migraines. A good chiropractor or osteopath can help in these cases. Keep in mind that wisdom teeth can also present problems.


The strong temperature fluctuations can also affect the blood vessels inside the head. Some people take alternating hot and cold showers to reduce migraine attacks.


Be sure to avoid the lack of moisture intake.

Source: https://www.foodmatters.com/article/france-opting-out-of-vaccines

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