Why do women like rough sex? 4 hot approaches to try

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The art of scratching. Blows and sighs. Chewing. These can appear as part titles in a BDSM manual. In any case, they are really the most prepared and respected manual for sex in the world: the Kama Sutra, an ancient Hindu Indian substance made around 400 BC.

Certainly, apparently, people have been having brutal sex from the beginning. In the same way, professionals say that there are real physiological and mental illuminations for our reverence for whipping and beating. One of those reasons is known as the "excitement trade theory," says sex expert Dr. Nicole Prause. In the remote possibility that you have been bitten, scratched or beaten, your heart rate increases and your heart is accelerated by that anguish, says Prause.

Another illumination has to do with the "matrix of torments" of the brain. Prause says that there are places in the human personality that respond to torment, and these are covered with areas that respond to sexual energy. This cover "can play a small trap at the forefront of your thoughts," which makes it thwart the torment and euphoria when you experience them in the meantime, she says.

4 ways to try hard sex

If you and your partner are happy to try a harsher sex after discussing it, here are some points to start.


Here are a couple of tips to convey: Whipping and rubbing her ass makes all art sensual. Because the moment you hit her at this point, she will send vibrations along her clitoris and her whole body that will ignite the sexual fire. The ancient Tantra compositions say that beating mixes your kundalini, which is your sexual chi or your imperativeness. Start with a medium hit and work up to a stronger rejection in case you value it.

Tie your partner's hands and legs to the bedpost or hold your hands relentlessly with your hands. The impotence of the condition could ignite them both, considering the way one of you will be in complete control of the other person. Similarly, sleeves could be used instead of ropes. Hitting is the kind of brutal sex publication. When a person considers relentless sex, he regularly imagines a strong blow to an open base. You know how to hit him, so do not hesitate to hit them until they turn red. Also, while imagining the scene, ensure that your hands continue to play with your partner's body.

Do whatever it takes to not be reluctant to defeat him, too. You may be surprised at the amount they like. All dominion has to do with power and control, whatever it may be, beyond that, it can mean anything from a session of sex that is barely rougher than usual to oppression, versatile, or imagined as a clever schoolgirl who needs a hit. So: What awaits control? Choose what you need before you ask.

Hair pull

A couple of women like to have their hair pulled during sex. It is a movement that is splendidly trained when you are like this around cowgirl or in each of the four. "It makes a surge of adrenaline and endorphins," illuminates Isadora. Mainly, check that your hair is close to your scalp, as if you were making a scalp, or on the nape of your neck. Make sure your hair does not grab the ends. It is most of the time excessively problematic, reason why it is impossible to be in any pleasant capacity. Between your ears, your fantasies are routinely diminished and nonverbal.

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Then, when you reveal them to your assistant, it is better to share a couple of clear reflections in a way as provocative and stimulating as the normal situation might be. Say something like: "When you grab a remarkable pile of my hair and you attract me to suck you, it makes me so horny." Or: "Hitting me above your knee would soak me so much." Acts can work extraordinarily if both value dominant and consistent parts. Force your head on you or hold your playmate by the neck or hands and demand it on the bed.

If your nails are not intense enough, use short whips. They hurt more, and it is critical that all those responsible and guilty be whipped. Unpleasant toys and suppressors are not for the timid ones. In any case, if you must take that road to implacable sex, keep going. It may not be for everyone, but instead, in case you recognize an unprecedented disruptive sex, BDSM may be the focus.


"(Masticating) undoubtedly draws a more prominent measure from our primitive animal side," says Ghose. "Start with the lower lip and move slowly, and gently bite each new section of the body. At the beginning and working for a more rooted meal (with permission!). "If you are in bondage, there is no compelling motivation to go buy a bunch of sleeves and chains at this time, Endeavor is having your partner put your hands on your head in one of your own while you lick your areolas. , on the contrary, they can stop you in the middle of the penetration sex, placing you in the position they want.

After some time, you can build power. Scratching with the nails. Really. Running a gruesome line with your fingernails against the fragile skin of your half orange's back will send a provocative wave that can also cause a lot of anguish. In any case, when you are in a sexual situation, all that anguish will become sexual adrenaline. Take a humble bundle of your accomplice's hair in recent times on the scalp on the back of the head and draw. However, you will not lose control; the torment will feel more pleasurable than when you hold your loved one by the lower ends of your hair.

Let's hit one another as if there were no tomorrow, and the powerful forward and backward advances will activate them, correspondingly, the length of both can be held firmly for a long time. In any case, remember that you are monitoring the sensitive parts of the body here, so do not escape and press too much. Do whatever it takes to not try to completely frustrate the oxygen supply, you should surely leave it to the stupid teachers who perceive what they are doing. Another option is to cover the face, either by gently using the palms of your hands without excessive abundance or by placing a porous pad over your lover's mouth.

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Taking control

Upon being hit, thrown over a man's shoulder, and heading to the bed, he can remove the primary side of a woman. For example, if you like to be hit with multiple executions, such as performance or palettes, you or your assistant can maintain a critical limit on anything that can leave a seal. If you must be verbally humiliated, a couple of words can go too far, either for you to hear or for your assistant to indicate. We are not all sexual screams. However, when it gets foggy and you lose your vocal obstacles, you will feel more calm and happy, which will make you more wild. Using teeth is an incredible way to try to extract the animal that you carry inside when you are doing it.

Eating carefully, however, is not a sufficient challenge to obtain that blood. Concentrate on deceptive areas such as breasts, neck, waist, inner thighs, lower legs and around elbows. Slap each extra on the face or storage compartment, or if you are staying behind your accessory that is on each of the four legs, hit your back or your butt. The misery of the song will take the animal from your loved one. For some strange blood cells, evacuating the oxygen supply to the brain energizes them at a high level. In any case, be aware to a large extent, as it could end up hurting your best half while suffocating or choking you.

The repulsive sex is incredible and the duration of both is going through an unusual moment. In any case, would you say you are seeing someone that only a separate accessory recognizes offensive sex while the other does not? Undoubtedly, even while having sex, ensure that both attendees appreciate the repulsive game unless one of you intentionally wants to be surrendered more often. It is basic that both attendees take control in a similar way while having unpleasant sex. Another concern to remember is trust. If you have repulsive sexual relations a couple of underlying times, the idea can be poisoned and strengthened. In any case, if one of you trusts him and does not get turned on by the softer type of sex, do without brutal sex until both can work sexually without hurting each other or hurting each other again.

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