Why did this man take a one-year vow of silence?

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Pinterest is always a place of inspiration for us, so we thought what better way to give it a boost! Build your own board that tells us what inspires you daily and WINS!

Go to Pinterest and check out our #FoodMattersDetoxDays For a good dose of inspiring images, articles, recipes and more! Then, build your own table telling us what it is that leads you to detoxify your body (naturally), every day.

The winner will receive a package of Food Matters Superfood Greens to begin all their detoxification adventures.

We can not wait to see your favorite healthy images, inspiring quotes, recipe ideas, essential elements for wellness, pins to set goals and much more. Get pinning and win! Here is everything you need to know:

What you will win

One lucky participant will win a package of Food Matters Superfood Greens, Food Matters Jar (to shake) and Food Matters Inspirational Magnets.


Find and follow Food matters on Pinterest


Create a new Pinterest board and title it #FoodMattersDetoxDays

STEP 3: PIN your heart out!

Build your board and share what inspires you to detoxify your body (naturally), every day! Place at least 6 product images, recipes, articles and detox tips from Food Matters as part of your board. Add any other image that includes inspiration, other favorite detoxification recipes and any of your own #FMdetox creations. You must include at least 6 images of our board or website to be included in the contest – the rest is up to you!

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Once you feel that your table is complete, all you have to do is let us know! Enter the official draw by leaving a link to your board in the comments below. We will announce the winner on Monday, August 24.

The draw closes on Sunday, August 23 at midnight at 11:55 p.m. PST.

Source: https://www.foodmatters.com/article/why-this-man-took-a-one-year-vow-of-silence

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