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WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for smartphones with Android or iOS settings. Nowadays, due to a tight schedule, it is difficult to communicate face to face daily. But, in fact, with the messaging application like WhatsApp, it has become easy to stay connected and socialize. Its features allow users to post and update the status along with the exchange of messages between loved ones. In this way, users instantly express their mood, feelings and emotions with friends and family.

But sometimes, there is so much to express that many of us fall short of words. One of those feelings is "love". Generally it has been observed that people find it difficult to express their love, either by their mother or their father, their spouse or their children, there are always doubts about the correct expression. So, to help you express your love to your friends or colleagues, here are some quotes and messages. You can post these as your WhatsApp status or send them as a message to the special people in your life and let them know how much you love them.

Status and messages of WhatsApp

# 1. In your arms, it's like living in paradise.

# 2. Your arms around me whisper "Do not go."

# 3. With you, every moment is a "Moment forever".

# 4. The way your eyes look at me, makes me feel beautiful.

# 5. I want to spend every day with you as my last day.

# 6. I had never said this to anyone before, but I want to tell you "I love you".

# 7. The moment without you is like Jumping a heartbeat.

# 8. Love is blind, so am I in you.

# 9. I am what I "am" because YOU are in my life.

# 10. It may not be so beautiful, but your Love makes the person feel.

# 11. You are not only my past and present, but also my future.

# 12. I realized that dreams could come true when I met you.

# 13. I think I know you …….. You are the one who comes daily, in my dream.

# 14. I am here, not because it was meant to be ……. but because you had done it, take my hand.

#fifteen. The trip can be difficult, but the destination is the most beautiful because you are YOU.

#sixteen. He has never been without you because even when you are not with me, you are in my mind.

# 17. You had fallen in love because you gave me one but it lasted because of your heart.

# 18. As it happens every day, my love for you simply grows stronger.

# 19. The best gift you gave me, is your heart!

# 20. I know that my shadow will leave me when I am in the dark, but you will not.

# 21. Love is not to stay together, but to be together when we are together.

# 22. My love for you knows no limits.

# 23. Falling in love with you may be destiny, but to follow you in love is my choice.

# 24. I want to be with my whole life, always and forever.

# 25. I may have loved many people in my life but not like me.

# 26. My love for you, not just another love story but reality.

# 27. Many people like me, but I only LOVE YOU.

# 29. Loving you is not my weakness but strength.

# 30. It is painful to know that YOU did not mean anything to who meant everything to you.

# 31. I fall in love with you, every second and every minute.

# 32. Every time, I'm with you, I love you more than the last time.

# 33. Nothing better has happened in my life than you.

# 34. In my bad days, I just want you to stay with me.

# 35. You can only hurt me that way because you only love me that way.

# 36. It is not how you proposed to tell me that YES, but because I know that YOUR LOVE will be the same until the end.

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# 37. Can I steal you from the crowd to an isolated island where only you and I are there?

# 38. My heart beats only for the one whose heart beats for me.

# 39. My love for you can never be expressed in words.

# 40. Amarte has become my need, habit and obsession.

# 41. I've lost my heart to you, keep it safe !!!

# 42. Together with you, I am complete.

# 43. It's not that I can not live without you, it's that I do not want to live without you.

# 44. With you, I always want NOW and FOREVER.

# 45. Your love has cheered my life.

# 46. You are not only my LOVE but my LIFE.

# 47. Your love is the strength for me.

# 48. Life has never been easy for me, but when I gave you away, I had given you all the happiness.

# 49. If I can fall in love with someone, again and again, it's just YOU.

# 50. The first happiest thing that had happened to me is to meet you and the second best thing that had happened to me is to love you.

# 51. You may be living more than a mile away, but you will always be near me in my heart.

# 52. Love is something that flows like a wind without effort and reaches everyone and everything that comes in contact.

# 53. Once someone asked me "what is LOVE?", I said, for me it is YOU.

# 54. I hold your hand because you had been hanging in my heart for a long time.

# 55. It is said that breathing is a phenomenon without effort, but it is not as natural as loving you.

# 56. Behind YOUR success, it is not me, but the love that YOU have poured out for me.

# 57. The first thing I want to see every morning is YOU.

# 58. My love for you is unconditional like the love of the mother for her son.

# 59. Love is a thing that can never be done with the mind.

# 60. There is nothing PURE that LOVE.

# 61. A life without LOVE is a wasted life.

# 62. Yes, LOVE needs to be explained, it is not LOVE but a deal.

# 63. Love can not be understood, you can only "feel".

# 64. Loving you was easy, the hard part is keeping yourself separate.

#Sixty-five. Distance can never get rid of my love for you.

# 66. Love never makes you fail in life; It is always the reason for your success.

# 67. Love does not always run smoothly, there are speed switches, in us how we drive through it.

# 68. The most successful love story is the one that stays together through all the thick and thin.

# 69. Love does not always mean TOGETHERNESS.

# 70. Love does not take control but regains control over life.

# 71. I never thought that I would have LOVED someone with so much heart.

# 72. Loving you does not mean that YOU should also LOVE ME.

# 73. Love forges the entire gap between happiness and the soul.

# 74. A life without love is life in darkness.

# 75. Your hug is a shield of infinite pain.

# 76. LOVE does not bring you closer, it makes you close.

# 77. Words can never explain the image of my LOVE for you.

# 78. Every day is a beautiful day when I know you.

# 79. Love does not come FREE; It comes with a price in the form of HEART.

# 80. I LOVE YOU the way; I did it yesterday.

# 81. I do not owe YOUR LOVE, but still, I want to wait for it.

# 82. One thing I'm sure of is that if I'm with you, my future will move.

# 83. A virus infects me; I'm just thinking about you since I met you.

# 84. Love is a feeling that everyone should feel at least once in life.

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# 85. All things LINTAS happen in my life since I met you.

# 86. When I heard the word LOVE, I am only YOU, I can imagine it.

# 87. Until I met, LOVE was just one more word for me.

# 88. My heart begins to beat only after seeing you.

# 89. I will always choose you over everything in my life because I love you more than anything in my life.

# 90. My hearts have only throbbed since I met you.

# 91. The first day I saw was the most beautiful day of my life.

# 92. I just want you to hold my strong hand and walk in my life, like my love.

# 93. My heart used to beat for me, but now only beats for you.

# 94. To have you in my life is my greatest achievement, I am nothing without you.

# 95. It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman, but for me, it is "a Man succeeds when he has a woman like you at his side".

# 96. Do not take love for granted ever; it hurts when it's not there

# 97. True love is not about staying together; it's about loving even when we're together.

# 98. The true depth of LOVE is realized after being separated.

# 99. I've always wanted more than to find the reasons to say "I LOVE YOU".

# 100. I kept thinking of the words to express love, but he came and just said "I LOVE YOU".

# 101. The way you look at me, puts me BLUSH.

# 102. I need more hours, more minutes and more seconds to stay with you.

# 103. My only addiction was you, and it will always remain.

# 104. Love is better to be shown than to be explained.

# 105. The reason for my sleepless nights and sweet dreams is YOU.

# 106. Love is like a wifi connection; It feels more when it is not there.

# 107. My hearts remind you of IT, every minute I'm away from you.

# 108. There are no exchanges in LOVE, loving someone does not mean that that person also LOVES you.

# 109. I just want you to call me; You are mine

# 110. Let a LOVE be more difficult than finding Love.

# 111. You were first an alien to me, then friend, then best friend and now my LOVE.

# 112. Loving you now has become my habit.

# 113. It is not necessary to know everything about me, what is necessary in that I LOVE YOU.

# 114. It is a myth to say that LOVE can only be done once; I fall in love every time I see you.

# 115. I just want to be with you always and always.

# 116. The best you can do is love yourself forever.

# 117. Every time she laughs I fall in love with her again and again.

# 118. LOVE is nothing more than everything one can have in life.

# 119. You were born to me, and I was born to you.

# 120. I had saved my heart from many, only to LOVE YOU with all my heart.

# 121. I'm always daydreaming since I've known you.

# 122. It's my love for you that makes you so weak sometimes.

# 123. When you are near, LOVE is in the air that I breathe.

# 124. I had been staying in heaven since I met you.

# 125. YOU and I had been two who had been added to be one like US.

# 126. True love is the one that awakens your soul, lights the heart and brings peace to the mind. This is what I got from your LOVE.

# 127. LOVE does not mean to hug someone with force, but to let it go, if it returns that YOURS, otherwise it was not you.

# 128. It may not be the BEST for you, but I am the one who can LOVE you with all my heart.

# 129. Falling in love is easy, but LOVE is not.

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