What to eat to get rid of back pain.

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Most of the time, it seems that the best thing to do when it comes to a back pain is to take a pill. But the truth is that taking an analgesic will only be effective for a limited period of time. After that, the pain will settle again. In addition, medications can eliminate pain, but they can also cause some damage at other levels, so keep in mind that there may be some side effects that you should stay away from. Analgesics do not treat the root of the problem, but only mask it and, as soon as its effect disappears, you will find yourself right where it started.

back pain food to eat

However, things are not as bad as they seem, since there are many natural remedies that can be taken and that have no side effects or cause any addiction.


They are full of antioxidants that fight any type of inflammation. The berries also have a large amount of vitamin C, which can only help strengthen the immune system, allowing the patient to heal faster than normal.

Green Tea

2 or 3 cups per day will help significantly relieve back pain. Once again, antioxidants must be "blamed" for this effect. A regular consumption of green tea will slow down the aging process and also eradicate the amount of toxic substances that are found in the body.


Apart from the fact that they are loaded with vitamin C, these fruits also contain some enzymes that fight inflammation and relieve pain. It is recommended to consume them in a fresh state, since they have many more properties than in canned states and are also rich in fibers, so that constipation can be eliminated from the list.

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The fact that it contains a large amount of protein makes this food so effective in the fight against back pain. Eat chicken or turkey, beef or pork to decrease the consumption of saturated fats.

Oily fish

Proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. What else could you want in your fight against back pain? Choose tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel or other fatty fish. They manage inflammation, which leads to reduce back pain.

Soy protein

It is better to focus on the fermented alternatives of soy, such as tofu or tempeh. Do not use the soy protein that bodybuilders are using.

Turmeric powder

This miraculous ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it is enough to use it in your food and your back pain will be significantly reduced. Then, go to the Internet and look for all the recipes you can find.


It is related to turmeric, so it is not surprising that we say that they have almost the same properties, especially when it comes to back pain. You can put it in your food or you can have a cup of tea regularly. You will also cover indigestion and potential acidity.

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