What methods of birth control are best for you?

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You love children and you want a girl or a boy, but not now, because you wait for the right moment. There are several methods of contraception, but if you do not know which one suits you, here are several examples to decide.

Contraception methods have been used since the beginning of the world. Whether empirical remedies, mostly herbs, or condoms or hormonal injections, there are many methods of contraception, more or less effective. Discover what suits you before using them.

Natural contraceptive methods:

Although natural contraceptive methods are the highest source of unplanned pregnancies, they remain the most widely used and widespread methods.

The natural contraceptive method is based on avoiding sexual intercourse during your fertile period, which is really difficult, unless you have a regular menstrual cycle. This further decreases the effectiveness of this contraceptive method.

Barrier methods:

The physical methods of contraception are divided into two categories: those used by men (condoms) and those used by women (diaphragm, vaginal rings or spermicidal gels).

Condoms are the most common form of birth control and most commonly used. Often, condoms are not appreciated because they can upset the couple. But they are recommended for sexually active people who lack a stable partner, using condoms is the best protection.

Barrier methods of contraception for women have fewer side effects and are easy to use, but unfortunately they are not very effective, there are greater chances of unwanted pregnancies. An advantage is that some of them protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, unlike oral contraceptives (pills).

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Hormonal contraception:

There are certain injectable hormonal preparations with contraceptive function. Hormonal injections are done every 3 months in the arm. Therefore, hormonal contraceptives prevent sperm from fertilizing the egg. Without leaving aside the fact that a large amount of hormones injected into the body presents a disadvantage for you. The body may have some hormonal disorders, such as breast pain or menstrual disorders.

Oral contraception:

Contraceptive pills are taken by women orally. They can contain both female (estrogen) and male (progesterone) sex hormones, or only the latter. Additional doses of hormones will inhibit ovulation and may prevent a possible pregnancy.

This method of contraception is widely used by couples, since it reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. However, this method also has its negative sides, even for those with a stable sexual relationship. The risk of pregnancy increases if you forget to take only one pill of the blister. In addition, every few months it is recommended that the body interrupt the treatment, so you should look for other means of contraception.

The morning-after pill:

This is an emergency contraceptive method, it contains a lot of hormones. This is taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Despite this, the morning-after pill can be taken up to twice a year, with a 6-month break. It has an efficiency of around 90% and due to the high concentration of hormones it has several side effects, such as headaches, abdominal pain, dizziness and more.

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