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Practicing yin yoga It is a popular and effective way to increase flexibility and achieve internal harmony in your yoga practice.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a slower approach to traditional yoga, in which the practitioner maintains asanas or postures for longer periods of time. Instead of achieving a continuous flow, this style of yoga focuses more on inner silence and the movement of Energy through the body. [1] Long-term yoga poses can last five minutes or longer, instead of the 20-30 seconds that are commonly practiced in other yoga disciplines. The purpose of yin yoga is to increase the strength of connective tissues and increase flexibility while finding a balance between yin and yang, the opposite aspects of nature. [2]

Yoga poses Yin

The main poses associated with yin yoga include meditation seat, seal pose, child's posture, and banana Pose, among others.

Meditation seat: For 6 minutes, lie down in a comfortable seat with a straight column. Melting heart: Keeping your hips above your knees, lean forward over your forearms and join hands for 3-4 minutes. Stamp Pose: On your belly, lean with your arms straight for 3-4 minutes. Child's posture: Kneel with your buttocks at your feet, stretch extend your arms and place your front on the floor for 5-6 minutes. Bananasana or banana pose: On your back, push your feet to one side of the mat, and your arms and arms back on the same side. Form a crescent moon with your body and hold it for 2-3 minutes on each side. Butterfly Pose: Draw your feet from a sitting position and lean forward slowly on your feet for 3-4 minutes.

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Other poses include:

Savasana Legs to the chest transition Dragonfly pose

Benefits of Yin Yoga

There are many benefits to regular practice of yin yoga, which include the following:

Relief of symptom [3] of anxiety Y [3]chronic stress Increase own flexibility circulation to the extremities of the body Boost to metabolism and central force Detoxification of the body Strengthens the internal organs Fosters self-love and communication with your own body Increases strength and enduranceImprove joint mobility both mentally and physically. Release the fascia. Improve perseverance.

This style of yoga has an almost meditative quality that is unique among many other popular types of yoga practices.

What is Yin Yoga? Reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/yin-yoga.html

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