What is the matula tea?

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Drinking matula tea It is an excellent way to increase your gastrointestinal Health taking advantage of the ancient traditional knowledge of indigenous tribes in Africa.

What is matula tea?

The matula tea is a strong herbal drink It is made with a mixture of plants from the southern regions of Africa. While the ingredients may change depending on the individual preparations, the usual The components of this tea are wild. Garlic, guava sheet, olive sheet, Syzygium Cordathus, licorice, rooibos tea, Artemesia Afra, Y Cyclopia Intermedia. As a blend, this tea has been used for centuries in different African tribes to alleviate a number of health problems, particularly those related to stomach, as Ulcers and indigestion. [1] [2]

There is not caffeine in this tea, and the taste is decidedly earthy, similar to a sugarfree Green Tea, but when it is added natural sweetenersIt is definitely appetizing.

How to make matula tea?

If you want to make your own matula tea at home, you can prepare a mixture of those herbs and the plants mentioned above, although they buy pre-packaged matula leaves or powder It is highly recommended.

Step 1 – Bring a pan of water for boil. Step 2 – Add 1-2 teaspoons of matula powder or dry mix to a tea / teapot infuser. Step 3 – Pour over hot water and let the mixture stand for 4-5 minutes. Stage 4 – Drain the powder / leaves and add. honey or another natural sweetener, if desired.

Matula tea for H. pylori?

Many people claim that the active ingredients in this tea are able to neutralize H. pylori at a very high grade – more than 90% elimination. [3] Is bacteria It is very common, and although additional research is needed, early reports show that this tea is an excellent remedy for this bacterium.

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Side effects of Matula tea

There are some side effects of this tea, namely swelling and nausea, in rare cases.

What is Matula tea, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/matula-tea.html

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