What is the healthiest mango drink?

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Mango drinks have been a popular form of recreational drink ever since. The yellow drink stacked on the shelves of each store that boasts all the nutritional values ​​of mango has been quite successful in creating its marked space not only in the markets but also in our homes.

Apparently less harmful than aerated drinks, we allow ourselves to consume them since we think that at least these drinks are related to fruits and fruits are synonymous with healthy. The surprising thing is that the average person knows less about the real health quotient of these mango drinks! Read about the nutrition of mango fruit that these drinks are lost.

Therefore, to better inform you about your health benefit, we will tell you how healthy mango drinks are available. The most popular brands of mango drinks are Frooti, ​​Mazaa, Slice, Jumpin.

These drinks are not fruit juices; They are fruit drinks, which means they contain fruit pulp (natural or synthetic), water and sugar. These drinks usually contain much more sugar than real fruit. The excess of sugar increases our level of sugar in the blood, therefore, it is definitely not suitable for the consumption of diabetics. In addition, this is eventually stored as excess fat in our cells. The drink also contains a large amount of preservatives that are mainly based on sodium and excess sodium is really harmful to our body. The nutritional information of the beverages is mentioned in the following table:


Maaza (100 ml)

Frooti (100 ml)

Slice (100 ml)

Jumpin (100 ml)


























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As is clear from the above data, that these drinks are composed mainly of carbohydrates and sugars, the lowest sugar content is in Jumpin, which means that the amount of calories in Jumpin comes more from carbohydrates, which are healthier than of those who are not healthy. Therefore, among the four popular mango drinks, Jumpin is the healthiest mango drink available. A close second is Maaza followed by Frooti. Slice is directly at the bottom of the list because of its really high sugar content. Basically, that means that Slice has more added sugar than mango pulp in its drink, while Jumpin, Maaza and Fruit have more mango pulp than sugar. The important thing to keep in mind is that the tetra packages of these beverages are available in quantities of 200 ml, therefore, a pack of Jumpin will ensure that you have packaged 116 calories and 23 g of sugar in your body. Remember that the excess sugar in these mango drinks can make you feel bloated, since excessive consumption of sugar increases water retention in the body.

Therefore, we hope you understand that being healthier among your peers does not mean much on the full health scale, compared to all the fruit, even the healthiest drink does not reach your health factor. When fruits are turned into pulp or juice, they lose their important fiber and vitamin content, which is sometimes added to the finished package, you can check the content of added vitamins on the nutrition label of the package to be sure of everything. contains and how many health benefits can be obtained from it. Therefore, whenever possible, eat all the fruit instead of drinks or fruit juices, since only then will you be covering all the health bases that the fruit has to offer.

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