What is the game of suffocation?

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The game of suffocation. This is not a game but rather a pass the challenge. It is known by many different names, for example, the flat line, the fainting, the panting of the space monkey, etc. This is something that nobody should try. I mean, I know that MDMA is bad, but this? This is a mental problem. Have you ever seen people who are so desperate for that new type of discharge that it will have a massive effect? It takes so much effect that one can even forget about oneself. Well … imagine if one can not find the new type of drug addict but in their own bodily functions. Ooh yeah! Your own body can cause your brain to produce dopamine. You see, this choking game can make you faint, but, while you're out, you're having the time of your life. Oh yeah. This is real.

But how does the choking game work? That is the question. You see, the game of suffocation is done when a person stops and breathes deeply fifteen times. After that, the person can now hold on to the two veins in his neck and release them after ten seconds and then. VICTORY! Or is that? The game of suffocation is a deadly game. Many children have lost their lives as a result of this, and it is very sad that a person may want to cause them to be unconscious. To be honest, I tried this or twice to jump to class. Among the survivors, I am one of the lucky few. You see, I've seen how people's lives were falling apart after playing this game and trusting me, these people took a long time to get up from the ashes.

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I tell you that this "game" can be fun and can give you that new level, but in the real sense, it's ruining you completely. Now, when you do this, what happens is that you block the flow of blood to the brain, denying it the oxygen that is in the blood. It also blocks the airway, and thus, the air can not enter, nor can it leave. After you've blocked all this, all you have to do is let go and explode! Blood and oxygen return to the brain. However, it does not flow without problems. It rushes to the brain with all the pressure and intensity, and when it gets there, the power of the flow destroys many of the brain cells. People, let me tell you this. It can cause serious damage that may or may not be difficult to repair.

Now, I know for sure that the game of suffocation is something that many children love to play but, once it affects people, it destroys them. Forever. You see, we know that the game of suffocation makes children lose their memory. Yes, imagine that you are not able to remember the people around you. The people you love, your friends and your family. I guess you can not remember the love of your life or even what your passion is.

People, I tell you today, if you are looking for a new experience, leave the drugs and the game of suffocation in peace. Go to the gym man and play basketball or lift a weight. Or, if you must get high, go to a pub and take a little Corona.

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