What is Soju

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Soju is a popular Korean alcoholic drink which is distilled from rice. It is the drink of choice in Korea, China and Japan.

What is Soju?

A clear and almost tasteless liquor, soju has approximately half the alcohol of vodka, registering on average between 24-30% alcohol. Traditionally, it has been distilled with rice, but manufacturers now use several alternatives starches, as tapioca or wheat. [1] No matter what starch is used, due to the distillation process, this form of liquor is always gluten free.

Types of Soju

There are three types of this alcohol, including the following:

Distilled: The traditional variety is made by distillation. Diluted: The diluted forms are cut with water to reduce the alcohol content, which facilitates its consumption. Seasoned: Flavored varieties are mixed with fruit juice, and it's also referred For the soju cocktail. [2]

Nutritional information

On average, this type of liquor contains around 540 calories in a 360-milliliter bottle and contains approximately 20 grams of carbohydrates.

Benefits of Soju

The benefits of drinking this exclusive oriental spirit range from stroke prevention to ear health:

The researchers They have found that at least one drink of this alcohol per day helped prevent strokes. [3] The mixture of this liquor with water is taken to help with vomiting and other digestive System problems Externally, this alcohol is used to help dissolve the blockage of the ear. Mixing with Salt it is taken to relieve chest pain, cough, swelling and inflammation. This strong liquor is also recommended as a treatment for Diarrhea and excretory system problems.

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How to make Soju?

Let's take a look at the process of making soju.

Step 1: To prepare your own soju, you must first soak 2 cups of white rice in water for an hour, then vaporize. Step 2: Once cooked, place the rice in a sealable container and add 4 cups of cold water, yeast and 8 tablespoons of Nuruk enzyme, which is sold specifically for manufacturing rice wine. [4] Step 3: Stir the mixture twice a day for a week, then let it sit for two weeks. Stage 4: When ready, strain the mixture and pour two cups of water through the filter into the liquid. Step 5: Finally, dissolve 4 tablespoons of sugar in your drink and serve!

Soju vs. Sake vs. Vodka

This alcohol is made through the distillation of starches, such as rice or wheat, making it more liqueur-like. It has a slightly higher alcohol content than sake, with an average of around 24%. Sake is made through fermentation of rice, similar to how beer It's done. The average alcohol content of sake is 17%. Vodka is also distilled from fermented grains, but usually has a much higher alcohol content of at least 40%.

Uses of Soju

To drink: This is a common and popular drink in Southeast Asia, and it is usually consumed with food or the meals. [5] Cleaner: It is also used externally as a topic. disinfectant And cleaner, due to its relatively high alcohol content.

Word of warning: As with everything alcoholic drinks, moderation is key. Excessive consumption of soju can lead to liver damage, depression, and other problems associated with excessive alcohol intake.

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