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Sahti can be a mystery, even for dedicated beer Drinkers, but if you have the opportunity, you should definitely try one of these delicious beers.

What is Sahti?

Sahti is one of the oldest forms of beer and it is still done in certain parts of Europe. A traditional Finnish beer, it's fact with malting and without malting grain, like oats, barleyY rye. [1] Many varieties are also flavored with juniper. It is usual fermented with bakers yeast, which gives this brew unique notes of Nail, along with the rich fruiting of the juniper.

Sahti is cloudy and full-bodied, and the to Rome it is strongly floral. Although it is not available in all parts of Europe and is difficult to find in specialized stores or import, the true beer lovers should make an effort to try this old beer.

How to do Sahti?

It is not very difficult to do sahti, let's take a look at the recipe step by step below.

Step 1: To prepare sahti at home, start with a combination of several malted grains, such as Pilsner malts, Munich and caramel rye. Step 2: Mash the grains at 60 ° C for 45 minutes with Water. Step 3: Add juniper branches to the puree and increase the temperature to 70 ° C for another 45 minutes, then to 80 ° C for 15 minutes. Stage 4: Cool the mixture to fermentation temperature. Dissolve the fresh yeast in water and add it to a fermenter for 1 to 3 days at 18-25 ° C. Step 5: Condition the mixture in cold for 7-10 days and then in bottle. Step 6: Your beer will be ready in 10-14 days!

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Sahti should be served in a pint or in a pitcher glass.

That good couple with strong and hot spicy cheeses, such as blue, cheddar cheese or feta cheese. [2] It is also served after meals as a digestive.

If you make a larger batch and want to save it for the future, you should store it in a dry basement, away from the direct place. sunlight at 4 ° C.

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