What is hoarseness?

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We can define hoarseness as a strange change in the voice. It is not a disease but a symptom. This disorder can appear along with a dry or irritated throat. The vocal sound of an individual can become harsh, weak, tense and choppy. The dysfunction of the sound creation portions of the larynx is responsible for this. When we breathe, the vocal cords are separated from each other.

While they sing or speak, these vocal cords come together. When the air in the lungs passes through them, they vibrate and create sound. Due to many reasons, these folds swell. It obstructs the vibration and affects the quality of the voice, the tone and the volume.

In this article, you will know the real causes, the treatment and even the remedies for this disease. It's just to make you aware of the hoarseness.

Causes of hoarseness

There are some conditions responsible for hoarseness. Some of the main reasons are the following:

Acute laryngitis

It is the most common cause of hoarseness. In this, these folds swell. The tension of the voice in a common cold is behind acute laryngitis. During an episode of this disorder, severe damage or a physical assault on them can also cause an exhausting voice. Part of acute laryngitis is caused by the following:

Trying to speak in chaotic situations. Extreme voice or overuse The use of an inappropriate tone during a speech. The tone of voice may be too low or too loud. Do not use any type of amplification system when addressing the public.

Benign lesions

You may suffer from prolonged hoarseness if there is excessive use of the voice. If you talk loudly for longer periods, you may also suffer. It can be affected by cysts, nodules and polyps. In the vocal folds, callus growth are vocal nodules. In addition, people who misuse their voice may also suffer from cysts and polyps. However, those who do not can also suffer from it.

Vocal hemorrhage

It is possible that the vocal cords have developed a hemorrhage in case you feel an instantaneous loss of voice. A scream or other intense vocal use can follow it. The cause of bleeding is damage to the soft tissue blood vessels and vocal cords. Both are full of blood, so it can also cause internal bleeding. In general, it is a frank emergency in which you should see the doctor as soon as possible. The treatment includes a diagnosis of otorhinolaryngologist, as well as rest of the voice.

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Gastroesophageal reflux

Another cause of this disorder may be gastrointestinal reflux. It occurs when stomach acid rises and touches the tube to swallow or also known as the esophagus. This appearance hurts the folds and leads to this syndrome. Regurgitation and heartburn are some of the other symptoms of it. In this disorder, the patient wakes up with worse in the morning. However, it improves as the day goes by. They always feel a mucus or a lump in their throat that is followed by a cough.

Laryngopharyngeal reflux

An acronym for LPRD is when gastrointestinal reflux reaches the back of the throat through the upper sphincter. In the throat, the larynx, pharynx and lungs are very sensitive to parts of the reflux, such as digestive fluids and stomach acid. In fact, even a small amount of such fluid can cause serious damage in this area. Often, people who suffer from LPRD do not have the initial signs of GERD such as heartburn.

Of smoking

Another reason for hoarseness is smoking. In fact, it is also a major cause of throat cancer. Therefore, you must undergo a complete check-up if you are a smoker and suffer from this disorder.

Neurological disorders

People can also suffer from hoarseness due to neurological diseases. It includes disorders such as Parkinson's. In addition, a rare neurological reason known as spasmodic dysphonia that primarily affects the voice and breathing may also be the reason. After paralyzing the vocal cords, choppy and weak sounds may appear. If the symptoms last more than three months, you should visit a neurologist for diagnosis.

Some of the other causes

Apart from them, there are also other causes that can lead to this disease. Now, this includes thyroid problems, menstruation, allergies and traumas. Cancer of the larynx may also be the reason behind it. Therefore, you should visit your doctor if you suffer from a long-term illness.


General practitioners can help if the cold or flu has caused it. In addition, speech therapists can help with speech problems and voice functions. They are usually public speakers, teachers, singers and even actors. In summary, the treatment of vocal nodules, polyps and cysts usually includes microsurgery and voice therapy.

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First, doctors evaluate the patient's history for general health and hoarseness. Afterwards, they check the patients' voice. In addition, they check the entire ear, nose and throat. To do this, they examine the vocal folds of a patient. It is also known as laryngoscopy. Doctors can suggest it to the patient at any time. However, someone who suffers for more than three weeks should be checked. The maximum evaluation time should not exceed three months. Immediate action should be taken if a serious problem is detected in the evaluation.

Doctors use the mirror placed on the back of the throat to check the vocal cords. Another way to examine the vocal folds is to pass a small flexible tube that produces light known as a fiber optic viewer in the nose. It may hurt a little, but patients have to tolerate it. In addition, there are other tests based on the evaluation of patients' voice. Now, this includes measuring various characteristics of the sound such as air flow, tone and others.

Some natural home remedies



It can soothe the inflamed mucosa of the larynx. This Ayurvedic treatment can reduce inflammation and pain. In addition, it can eliminate toxins. You can take it by adding it to juice or smoothie. On the other hand, ginger tea can also be useful.


If the common cold is the cause of your hoarseness, garlic can be useful. Its antiviral and antibacterial characteristics will reduce infection and inflammation. You can add raw garlic to various foods such as soup, salad, etc. In addition, you can consume two or three cloves of garlic directly.


It is one of the oldest remedies for the treatment of various diseases. The antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant properties make it an adequate cure to fight cough and hoarseness. You can take it with warm water or tea.

Mint essential oil

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