What is fascia and why is it so important to keep it healthy?

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Your fascia, the interconnected tissue that lies beneath your skin, has often been called the "missing link" in modern medicine. All your muscles, bones, arteries, veins and cells LIVE WITHIN this connective tissue. Science has shown that fascial restraints are often the cause of skeletal misalignments that result in joint pain, headaches, chronic pain, and conditions such as depression, TMJ, and fibromyalgia.

Unfortunately, most forms of exercise, including yoga, neglect the fascia. They do not nourish or hydrate this interconnected tissue. In these classes, award-winning yoga instructor Brett Larkin guides you through the movements that science has shown your fascia needs to be healthy: unscheduled movement, biomorphic movement, undulation and variations in Yin yoga to work DIRECTLY with your fascia for optimal health and well-being. No previous experience of movement or knowledge of the fascia is required. All you need is your body and consciousness.

So, what does your fascia need to be healthy?

This is what science says:

Unscheduled movement. Most forms of exercise, including yoga, are choreographed. In this series, I will show you how you can move intuitively from your unconscious mind. It is this intuitive movement that is unique to YOU ​​that your neglected fascia craves. Biomorphic movement This means moving like an animal! We want to release our habitual patterns and be more in touch with our fluid and organic side. Do not worry, this is much easier than it seems. Finally: your fascia loves a surprise. Its interconnected fabric rehydrates and reorganizes better when thrown into chaos. The unexpected up and down jumps, as well as the dance moves, are very effective in counteracting the repetitive movements that everyday life (and the traditional exercise classes) ask of us.

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There are two things that I want you to remember as we move together in this series

The first is: Never force. Forcing the body to stretch or move in a certain way will put your unconscious in protection. Once your body is in protection, no healing can occur. Your interconnected fabric will tighten, instead of softening. The second: Customize the exercises in this video. Listen to your own mind-body complex. Just like any other muscle you choose to stretch or strengthen, your body-mind wisdom will become stronger the more you use these videos. I'm going to show you HOW to move in a way that is designed to inspire your own intuitive movements.

When you return to these videos, encourage yourself to release your inhibitions and free your body to move more spontaneously.

It is your spontaneous and intuitive movement that will hydrate and reorganize your connective tissue in the most effective way for YOUR body.

I am using a yoga mat in these routines, but you can also practice on the floor, on a rug or on a blanket. Please try to have a blanket nearby to help hold your joints in various poses. Turn off the lights and create a healing atmosphere for these routines. This helps us to focus more on our bodies and let them go.

Let us begin!

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