What is Ataulfo ​​Mango

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Adding Ataulfo mango to your intake of exotic fruit will provide a series of unique nutrients and an exotic touch to your diet.

What are ataulfo ​​mangoes?

Ataulfo ​​is a mango Mexican Mango cultivar that bears many names, including baby mango, honey Mango, Adolfo, Adaulfo, Champagne, yellow mango, among others. This handle is smaller than the traditional handle and has an oblong shape, as well as a slightly dark yellow color. While most mangoes have a fibrous Y slightly Of hard consistency, this delicious cultivar is creamy and buttery, which makes them very sought after. [1] However, they are also quite delicate and should be eaten when they are at their peak of maturity. Since they are not widely cultivated, they are somewhat difficult to acquire, but if you go to a certain import or exotic specialty fruit In stores, you can find them.

Nutritional value of the ataulfo ​​mango

This mango variety has a quite impressive nutrient profile, which includes a very high level of vitamin C – more than 100% of the daily requirement of that nutrient – as well as good quantities of dietary fiber, Vitamin AY calcium. A single serving the size of a cup of this fruit only delivers 105 calories, so it is ideal for those looking to lose. weight. This is in addition to numerous antioxidant compounds and active ingredients that provide a wide range of health benefits. [2]

Uses of Ataulfo ​​Mango

If you can find Ataulfo ​​mango, they are very easy to add to your daily or weekly diet. The most common way to consume them in Mexico is simply to cut them and sprinkle them with some Lime Salt For a tasty and sweet snack. [3] However, because they are so creamy and buttery, they are also popular in fruits. milkshakes, while regular mangoes are not. The sweet taste of these mangoes also makes them a welcome addition to certain sauces and sauces, or they can be added to marinades and sweet sauces for an extra bite.

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Before using ataulfo ​​mango, however, it is better to know how to select them. [4] The appearance of mangoes is not the best way to measure quality; In fact, you want to touch and squeeze the mangoes, which should have a bit of pulp, similar to a ripe one avocado. You can also choose a good mango ataulfo ​​by the smell, since the aroma of the mango must be quite powerful and powerful as the fruit reaches maturity.

What is Ataulfo ​​Mango? Reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/ataulfo-mango.html

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