What is asthma? Discredited asthma myths

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Myths of asthma

Doctor holding the notebook standing next to files.

These are some of the many faces of asthma. Most researchers believe that different asthma patterns are related to a condition. Other researchers believe that there are separate lung conditions. There is currently no cure for asthma, and no exact cause has been identified. Therefore, it is vital to understand the changes that occur in asthma, how it makes you feel and how you can behave over time. This knowledge allows you to take an active role in your own medical care. Test your "asthma IQ" by performing the following true or false test:

Questionnaire on asthma myths – Question 1

1. True or false?
Asthma is "all in the mind".

Man holding the inhaler while having an asthma attack. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s3_psychological.jpg


Asthma is not a psychological condition. However, emotional triggers can cause outbreaks.

Asthma myths questionnaire – Question 2

2. True or false?
You will "grow up" from asthma.

Child using an asthma inhaler. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s5_out_grow.jpg


You can not overcome asthma. In about 50% of children with asthma, the condition can become inactive in adolescence. The symptoms, however, can recur at any time in adulthood.

Questionnaire on asthma myths – Question 3

3. True or false?
Asthma can be cured, so it is not serious and nobody dies because of it.

Boy reclining in a hospital bed breathing with an oxygen mask. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s7_no_cure.jpg


There is no cure for asthma, but the disease can be controlled in most patients with good medical care. The condition must be taken seriously, since uncontrolled asthma can lead to emergency hospitalization and possible death.

Asthma myths questionnaire – Question 4

4. True or false?
You are likely to develop asthma if someone in your family has it.

Mother helping her daughter with her asthma inhaler. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s9_family.jpg


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You have a 6% chance of having asthma if neither parent has the condition; 30% chance if one of the parents has it; and a 70% chance if both parents have it.

Asthma myths questionnaire – Question 5

5. True or false?
You can "catch" the asthma of another person who has it.

Woman with mask / filter to avoid catching the disease. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s11_mask.jpg


Asthma is not contagious.

Questionnaire on asthma myths – Question 6

6. True or false?
Moving to a different place, like the desert, can cure asthma.

Adobe style adobe house in the Arizona desert. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s13_location.jpg


A new environment may temporarily improve asthma symptoms, but it will not cure asthma. After a few years in the new location, many people are sensitized to the new environment, and the symptoms of asthma return with the same or even greater intensity than before.

Questionnaire on asthma myths – Question 7

7. True or false?
People with asthma should not exercise.

Boy swimming laps in a pool. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s15_exercise.jpg


Swimming is an optimal exercise for people with asthma. On the other hand, exercise in cold, dry air can be an asthma trigger in some people.

Questionnaire on asthma myths – Question 8

8. True or false?
Asthma does not require medical treatment.

Doctor who has an inhaler for asthma. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s17_treatment.jpg


Asthma is best controlled if you have an asthma management plan designed by your doctor that includes medications used for quick relief and those used as controllers.

Questionnaire on asthma myths – Question 9

9. True or false?
The medications used to treat asthma are addictive.

Woman with inhaler for asthma. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s19_medication.jpg


Medications for asthma are not addictive.

Questionnaire on asthma myths – Question 10

10. True or false?
Someone with asthma can trigger episodes at any time to get attention.

Man who claims to have an asthma attack. "Src =" https://images.onhealth.com/images/slideshow/asthma_myths_quiz_s21_asthma_attack.jpg


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Asthma attacks can not be falsified.

Reference: https://www.onhealth.com/content/1/asthma_myths

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