What do we need to know about dermal fillers?

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Dermal filler that is gaining popularity, therefore, people still have many questions, which have no answer. Here is the full information on this. Although aesthetic medicines have increased by leaps and bounds and so has the acceptance of dermal fillers in today's society. The increase in the number of women workers with discretionary income has made landfills popular. But there are still doubts in our minds about the safety of the procedure, if it is correct to inject a foreign substance into the pain during the procedure, and if aging will be a factor after the effect disappears. Some also fear side effects and the risk of bruising, swelling or any permanent damage after the procedure. So this article is well addressing these queries.

Safety: The procedure is safe when performed by a trained beautician / dermatologist. The safety of the procedure depends on whether the doctor is trained, the quality of the use of the product. It is better to pay a little more, but use a good and well tested product instead of cheaper products. Many inferior products are available and it is not advisable to go very far to save a few dollars.

Unknown substance: Hyaluronic acid is the desired plant and mimics the natural hyaluronic acid in our body. So it's close to our natural hyaluronic acid. After the injection, the product is integrated into the body tissues within 15-30 days. It is later dissolved in the body by its hyaluronidase. In case of any complication, it can be dissolved with hyaluronidase which can dissolve the injected hyaluronic acid.

Pain: The procedure is performed under a topical anesthetic cream that numbs the skin. In addition, the product that is injected contains lidocaine that numbs the surrounding area. Most patients tolerate the procedure well. Therefore, pain should not be a decisive factor when planning a treatment.

Side effects: Post procedure swelling, minimal bruising is common and resolves with minimal medication after 7-10 days. Occasional complications are reported as formal infection granuloma or persistent pain. Side effects are much less when the procedure is done by a well-trained doctor and the correct product is used.

Greater aging: The dermal fillers will increase and hold the aging process. They replenish the lost age of hyaluronic acid. However, after the injection, the results become so accustomed that the filling effect means deactivated. You can lose the brightness and shine you get after filling. Fillers are an excellent option to restore youth and to make lines and folds less prominent. The procedure is safe when performed by trained professionals with good experience.

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