What are razor bumps, how to prevent them?

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The skin is considered one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Rashes, itching, redness, shaving strokes are some of the common problems related to the skin. However, shaving with razors saves time and is also the easy way to cut facial or body hair. But most people are not aware of the disadvantages of this quick method of removing hair that is commonly referred to as "razor burn".

The shaving protuberances are scientifically known as, pseudofolliculitis barbae (one) which are the burns of shaving, another itching on the skin. Pimples, acne and other types of bumps after shaving also affect the appearance. However, some of these protuberances also develop permanent scars on the face or body.

The shaving bumps can also be legs, hands, armpits, private parts, etc. There are several symptoms for shaving bumps are:

Eruptions Redness. Swelling. Itch. Sensation of burning. Small red bumps. Sensitivity.

Classification of razor bumps

Well, shaving strokes are classified into two types. These are:

Extrapollicular razor. Transfollicular Razor Bump.

Who is more prone to shaving strokes

Men are more affected by shaving strokes compared to women. The main reason is that men shave daily, especially in the face. The facial skin is very sensitive, so it causes bumps on the face. A current survey of American Academy of Dermatology He discovered that approximately 78% of men are prone to irritation from shaving, shaving or rash. However, another survey published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology stated that men with curly facial hair face almost 50 times more problems with shavers than those with straight hair.

In fact, it is also said that men with black skin have to carry more scars that cause shaving strokes if they are not treated well. However, it is noted that black men should understand the prevention and cure for shaving strokes if they are more prone to it.

Causes of razor bumps

Shaving is the main cause of shaving / burns. The right shaving technique can help you reduce bumps and injuries. Below are the few causes of shaving strokes:

Shaving against the hair grain: this is one of the standard ways to get buried problems, shaving strokes and burns. Shaving with an incorrect procedure causes shaving strokes. Using the razor against hair grains near the skin leads to cuts, rashes and cracks.

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The skin is stretched: the closeness to the skin while shaving leads to the skin or cuts that also cause shaving strokes.

Multi-blade cartridge razors: these not only cause shaving bumps, but also create inflammation, irritation and swelling. The closeness of such razor cartridges with hairs trapped between them, which often causes irritation and blisters.

Say do not shave: dermatologists suggested that those who are prone to the side effects of shaving should avoid or not shave on a regular basis. If the skin is too sensitive, avoid using razors or shaving creams, as they also have chemicals.

Pressure during shaving: there are plastic shavers available in the market that are considered light, while shaving often creates shaving bumps due to the force applied to the skin to trim the hair under the skin.

Shaving with electric trimmers: often, electric trimmers can produce shaving strokes, skin irritations, etc. The sharp ends of the hairs after using the trimmers cause shaving strokes. In fact, if the face is not completely clean, it can cause destructive itching or eruption by bacteria, which inflicts shaving strokes.

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Precautions and Preparations

It is always suggested to soften the skin to open the pores of the skin, to do this you can bathe your body with soft or warm water. Never omit a game of using some essential oils and lotions, since the can also softens the skin and hair layer. Oils and lotions protect skins from rashes, bacteria that lubricate the skin for a smoother shave. Blocks moisture which avoids the effects of shaving without hazel.

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Reuse of blades: the use of the same blade in many shaves can germinate skin problems and also shaving strokes. Changing blades or using one-time razors not only benefits the skin, it also provides a smooth shave.

Home remedies for razor bumps

Shaving regularly causes irritations and frustrations on the skin with the burning of shaving strokes. Hairs that begin to grow or are still left often destroy the appearance of the newly shaved face. Uneven shaving tools and chemicals mainly cause red bumps on the face. Razor bumps are painful spoilers for smart-looking men.

Despite many products for shaving after and before reducing shaving strokes, there are home remedies to cure these hair shaving problems. We have mentioned some of the natural resources to achieve it. These are:

aloe vera

We are all aware of the health benefits of Aloe Vera as the best home remedies for skin, eyes, liver, etc. In fact, many companies now demand their addition of Aloe Vera in their products, but God knows if they had it or not. However, the best thing is if you have an Aloe Vera plant at home. You can simply cut the leaf and remove the fresh aloe gel from the inside and treat it on the face to eliminate shaving bumps and skin problems.

If you do not have aloe plantations at home, you can choose a natural brand product in the form of gel or aloe lotion to treat shaving strokes, but this is quite risky, since these products also contain chemicals, colors and fragrances .

Hot compress

For this, you need hot water and clean cotton / wool flakes. Put those cotton balls in hot water and press with gentle hands on your skin, this will open the pores. This warm compress will help you treat your skin gently before shaving.


This is scientifically known as Hamamelis Virginiana; A plant knows for its antiseptic benefits to treat the skin and

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