Walking aid in losing weight?

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In a recent survey among urban Indians, walking was the most common physical activity and possibly also the most favored, since it does not require additional equipment. You literally use only your body to push yourself and develop resistance.

So, we know that walking burns calories that are stored in the body as fat. So why do not all morning walkers lose fat? Some remain the same, even after years of walking. Quite frankly, most people will walk to stay healthy and fit, but the question is: does walking really help to lose weight?

Surely walking is healthy, but its effectiveness depends on many other factors. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your morning and evening walks:

Duration of the walk: If you get to the real numbers, an average person burns around 4-5 calories per minute during brisk walks. Therefore, 15 minutes of brisk walking burns around 70 calories, which is equivalent to fewer calories than a slice of bread. To really make a difference, you need to walk at least 45-60 minutes in a row. Walking speed: The faster you move, the more calories you will burn per minute. Paused rides burn around 3 calories per minute; Brisk walking burns almost 50% more. In the same way, jogging would burn another 50% and run even more. Snacks after the walk: Most of those who walk in the morning have the habit of eating sandwiches like chai-samosa after the morning walk, which essentially nullifies their walk. 45 minutes of energetic walking burns 200 calories, while a samosa and a cup of chai give back 200-250 calories or more. The best alternatives are fruits or their regular food. Watch your diet: There are many people who exercise rigorously but do not lose so much. That's simply because their calorie intake is more than they burn. Consider this: an hour of energetic walking burns 250 calories. In terms of calories from food, they are two slices of bread and one egg. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, keep your workout between 45 and 60 minutes and be sure to eat healthy and in moderation.

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Match your walks

Our bodies adapt naturally to any routine. It sounds impressive, but it's counterproductive if you're trying to burn calories. Your body simply adjusts to your walking pattern and ends up burning fewer calories at the same distance. Try a mix of other exercises such as yoga, running, weights or sports. It keeps your body guessing, keeps your metabolic rate high and burns more calories! If necessary, you can use a health application to track your diet, calorie intake and progress of physical condition.

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