Useful medical benefits of marijuana / cannabis

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Effective benefits for marijuana / herb health

Marijuana, as it was once mentioned, is a very talented substance. Adverse effects are often thrown in your face by your parents, teachers and even people like me, your peers. They will tell you that marijuana will ruin your life. They tell you how your brain and chromosomes mess up in your sperm or in the egg cell. In fact, marijuana has terrible effects, but marijuana can also be very useful. Maybe, if you do not smoke it and see how it can help you, you may realize that maybe it deserves to be kept close.

Now, as you probably know, several states in this world have legalized marijuana, and this is mainly due to its benefits. It is more than just a drug used to make people well. It's much more than that. Also, people should stop referring to it as a weed. A weed is an unwanted plant and marijuana is a very desirable commercial product. So why do you want to give such a degrading pot a very gifted pot? What compels me to raise the issue, is marijuana useful? Yes it is. Here are all the uses of marijuana;

Glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerve of your eye by increasing the pressure on the eyeball. The disease can cause you to lose your vision. Can you imagine that this substance you are trying to discard can be used to treat this disease?

The work of marijuana is to decrease the pressure applied to the eyeball. If you use marijuana, it reduces the chances of becoming blind by decreasing the effects of glaucoma disease. But still, smoking these things is not advised. Find another way friend.

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Control of epileptic seizures

Epilepsy is a disordered disease shown by recurrent episodes of sensory disturbances, loss of consciousness and seizures. Now, some of these convulsions can be deadly.

Enter the marijuana!

Marijuana can eliminate seizures for ten hours straight. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that is produced controls the effect of seizures by binding to the brain cells responsible for controlling how excited you may be and how relaxed you may be. Epilepsy is a deadly disease, but this marijuana can control it.

Stops the spread of cancer cells

No one has ever found the cure for cancer. Many scientists have tried and fall short. However, this marijuana can stop the spread of the cell.

In your body, there is a gene called Id-1. What cancer cells do, they make a copy of the gene. As the cancer cells continue to multiply, more copies are made and end up spreading throughout the body. When marijuana is ingested, it deactivates the Id-1 gene, and may even kill cancer cells.

Alleviate the pain

A long time ago, marijuana was used in hospitals to reduce the painful effects of something during your treatment, and you will be fresh and clean.

After the treatment, the marijuana will begin to work its magic, and in two or three days, the pain will disappear. So, instead of using pain medication for two weeks, it is better to use marijuana alone for one, and in two days it feels fresh.

All this happens because the THC in the substance binds to the receptors in the nerves to relieve pain.

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People, if you hate marijuana, it's fine. However, you should consider all the right things that it can do for you. You may have pain or even cancer. Marijuana has you covered. The reason why it is still forbidden in some states is that people use it for the wrong purposes and, in the end, we lose instead of winning. People, marijuana is a blessing to all of us if we use it in the right way. In truth, it is a miracle drug. So, instead of degrading it as we do, we should allow it to be used in hospitals instead of banning it.

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