Use of vegetables for the treatment of cancer: the beet fights the disease and even cures cancer

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According to Jonathan Hartwell, author of Plants used against cancer, the beautiful red beet (Beta vulgaris) has been used historically to treat several cancerous diseases and conditions.

The detoxifying and anti-beet disease benefits have been widely documented for health problems such as …

Tumors of bowel, head, leg, genitals and rectum Lung cancer Prostate cancer Breast cancer Leukemia

The revolution of raw beets

The medicinal use of beet goes back at least to ancient Rome. However, it was in the 1950s when the Hungarian doctor Alexander Ferenczi stressed the power of the beet against cancer. Using a revolutionary new treatment consisting solely of raw beet juice, Dr. Ferenczi achieved remarkable results.

He worked exclusively with patients who had already undergone chemotherapy and radiation and who were mainly in the final (caqueicostage of cancer. All of Dr. Ferenczi's patients responded positively to beet treatment. He observed a clear clinical improvement in each and every case. The beet treatment was so powerful, in fact, that in some cases the massive intake of nutrients from the beet overloaded the livers of the patients.

The results of a subsequent study of "red beet therapy", the consumption of approximately 2 pounds of raw and puréeed beets per day, echoed Ferenczi's findings that beet can help your body fight leukemia and tumors.

In another clinical trial, 22 patients with advanced inoperable cancers received 10 ounces. Of beet juice daily for 3 to 4 months. Everything but one Of those patients showed dramatic improvements.

The science behind the vegetables for the power of beet against cancer

vegetables for cancerScience has shown, without a doubt, that a high intake of vegetables for cancer and fruits can reduce the risk of developing cancer and other diseases. The beet in particular is extraordinarily rich in unique chemicals against disease and against cancer.

The beautiful, rich crimson color of the beet comes from betacyanines, natural compounds that are powerful agents that fight cancer. Beets also contain powerful phytochemicals that promote health called betalains.

One of the most researched. betalains in beet is called betanin. Betanin has excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying effects. According to the healthiest foods in the world (a website run by the non-profit George Mateljan Foundation, dedicated to fostering a healthier world), laboratory studies show that betanin pigments can prevent the growth of tumor cells in tissues of:

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Colon Stomach Nerves Lungs Breasts Prostate Testicles

The Wordest's Healthiest Foods website predicts that, "Eventually, we expect to see large-scale human studies showing the [cancer] reducing effect of the risk of dietary beet intake ".

Scientists speculate that the powerful beet chemicals work synergistically to prevent and fight cancer and other diseases. In addition to betalainsVegetables for cancer, especially beets, contain high levels of other important micronutrients such as:

Vitamin C Farnesol Routine Folate Allantoin, a powerful alkaloid

Romanian researchers demonstrated in the 1960s that the alkaloid allantoin It has anti-tumor effects. Other laboratory studies almost at the same time showed that beet extracts normalized the respiration of isolated cancer cells.

Additional cell culture and animal studies in the 1990s confirmed that beet juice had significant tumor inhibitory effects.

Beets not only fight diseases … They promote health

Beets are considered one of the most rejuvenating vegetables., with numerous proven benefits for virtually all body systems, too many to list! Only some of the many known capabilities of beets include:

Strengthening strength and endurance Immune system stimulation Acceleration of bile secretion Prevention of cold and flu Reconstruction of blood (and, therefore, obstruction of the development of cancer cells) Acceleration of cell growth and recovery of cell nucleus Regulation of body temperature Strengthening of skin and vein walls Elimination of heavy metals and brain toxins Acceleration of the formation of red blood cells (and, therefore, improves cellular oxygenation) Improves mood Promotes healthy nails, softer hair and smoother skin Purifies and detoxifies the liver, kidneys and bladder Relieves constipation Treats leukemia and other cancers

Tips for managing vegetables for cancer therapy

Ultimately, the effectiveness of the beet is maximal when advancing in the progression of a disease, and can be best used as preventive treatment.

If you are ready to try beet therapy for better general health or to treat a specific health problem, you are in a good old company. The ancient Romans enjoyed a daily glass of beet juice to maximize health in many ways. And today's natural health experts, including the renowned Dr. Mehmet Oz, also announce the healthy virtues of beet, especially as an integral part of cancer diets.

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Because beet juice is so powerful, professionals recommend that its use be gradual, with very small amounts to begin with, and incremental increases over time. Experts say that feeling bad about beet juice can be a sign of "too good", since your body tries to eliminate more toxins than your system can eliminate efficiently.

Some experts recommend mixing the beet juice in another softer juice such as carrot, cucumber or apple. When extracting the beet, it is advisable to alternate between the pieces of beet and those of the carrot; otherwise, the excessive pulp of the beet may accumulate on the sides of the rotating extraction basket and cause the juicer to vibrate.

People with chronic liver or kidney problems should take special care when drinking raw beet juice. Excessive consumption may overload the liver and kidney, and therefore, it should be taken only in very small doses.

While some experts recommend approximately 1/8 to 1/4 cup per day as a reasonable starting dose for beet juice, you should do your own research based on your health status and goals, and talk to your care provider. medical about therapy with raw beet juice.

The heat decreases the concentration of phytochemicals in beets, so if you decide to cook them, experts recommend steaming them for 15 minutes, which will maximize your nutrition. Y taste.

If time is short, a quick and easy option is to try freeze-dried beets, available in powder or cubed form at some health food stores and specialty stores. The beets used for these preparations are not subject to the high temperatures that degrade minerals and vitamins.

Beet therapy is just one of the many alternative remedies for cancer. To get more vegetables to cure cancer, particularly those considered by health professionals to be the "best of the best", visit

Use of vegetables for cancer therapy – Beetroot combats disease and even cures cancer, Source:

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