Unique birthday messages for sisters

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Make your sister feel special by sending her an exciting message for her birthday. Words have power, and your sister will feel appreciated and will always remember the sweet words you sent her. What counts most are the simple things that people tend to ignore. Impress your sister with interesting quotes in the form of cards or simple text messages. I have included unique and original quotes that you can choose from and make your sister have a happy day.

Beautiful quotes to send to your sister for her birthday

# 1 "Happy birthday dear sister, it's people like you who have always enlightened my world, I do not know the trick you use, but you always have a way to make my problems go away, you make me feel special anyway. Memories of childhood always remain in my mind and that's why I always miss you, I love you, little one, enjoy this day to the fullest and make every second count. "

# 2. "Dear sister, I have searched again and again for the right gift that I will send you on this special day. But my search did not pay off. However, then I realized that there is nothing that is so great that I can offer to impress you. All that can make you happy are my sincere words to appreciate you for what you are. You have always been a special sister to me, and I adore you very much. Mob love baby boo and I wish you a fantastic day while you celebrate … do not let me mention age. I know that you, ladies, do not like to mention your age hahaha … Have fun, and ask me a cake. "

# 3. "Hello, sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if I did not have you as a sister. Mmmh, I know you're bragging now, that's fine, you always know how to make me mark myself. You are the person who always brought peace at home when there was a crisis. I love you, little sister, and I appreciate the intimacy of the precious moments that we always share, especially in our childhood. Did you receive the gift I sent you? Well, now I know you mean no. I sent you a gift. I told the merchant to give you everything you needed for this day and then I went up, hahaha! Have fun, sister. Mafia love ".

# 4. "Happy sister born happy day, I did not remember that today is your Were not for the notifications that I receive from Facebook, You would have a good reason to fine me for forgetting this special day, Have fun, and remember always that I love you very much. I wish you the best, that you live so that your dreams come true and you fulfill your desire to serve humanity in whatever way you have desired. "

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# 5. "Happy birthday to my coolest sister, who has more talent to make people happy. She has a magnetic personality that always attracts people to be close to her. We no longer have the privilege of being together as we used to when we were little children. However, I always feel good when I remember that there is an adorable sister somewhere who is always struggling to make the world better than she found it. You are a great blessing to this sister of the world, and I wish you the best in your efforts. Can you live to blow a thousand candles?

# 6. "My dear sister, I am very happy and fortunate that you like the good humor you have always been, it is a pleasure to have a loving friend who happens to be your sister, I love you very much, and I wish you a happy birthday. May this day be unique and interesting, Have fun to the fullest and do what always makes you happy. "

# 7. "Hello, sister, sometimes I remember the crazy things we used to do together and I laughed alone. You have always been my partner in crime, and you were always there to defend me from my parents even when you knew I had done something wrong. Mere words can not express your love for me, but I know that it can only be found in the depths of you. I love you, sister, and I like the way we are always together, regardless of the situations we face. I wish you a happy birthday and that you will always find meaning in everything you do. "

# 8. "Happy birthday, sister, on this day, I am not going to send you any makeup, I only allow you to use makeup, since you must promote the manufacturers to improve the economy, but I always love your natural being since you are naturally I would love for the world to enjoy its natural being that has always had a great impact on people's lives, I love you, sister, and I appreciate every moment we have had together, we may be living in different places, but we are always Together in mind and soul, enjoy this special day and have fun, dear siz. "

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# 9. "Hello sister, now you are a year older! Wao thank God for the gift of life and care. I know you do not like the day when you're old to be a toothless grandmother; hahaha that's funny because we can never stop time from moving. But the good thing is that you are like wine, the more you live, the better you become. That you live a long time to see your grandchildren. I wish you good health, financial prosperity, healthy relationships, joy and eternal happiness. Happy birthday, beautiful sister. "

# 10. "Sometimes I envy you for being my sister. The sisters have a reputation for being as patient as monks, and they are always sober as a judge. You are the most interesting person I have ever met in my life. Over the years, there were always encouraging words that kept all the people positive even when we were in deep shit. By the way, before you forget it, have you stopped making jokes even in situations that seem to be so serious? Anyway, mysterious, to cut the story, I wish you a happy birthday. May this year be the most interesting part of your life and make sure you do what you have always wanted. I love you, sweet sister, and I wish you the best in life. "

# 11. "Today is an extraordinary day for you dear sister. Before saying anything else, I wish you a pleasure. Something I like about you and all the sisters is that I will relate to them forever. Friends can come and go, but the sisters will always be there for you. You're such a good friend that I even envy those people you tend to hang out with when I'm not around. In my absence, they enjoy all the fun, but it's okay, you're always magnetic with each person you interact with. I just want you to do me a favor today; Make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest. If you fail, you fear a bottle of Champaign the next time we talk or converse.

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