Unexplained weight loss: Treatments

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While many people try to lose. weight, there is something particularly worrying about inexplicable weightloss, since it is typically indicative of an underlying medical condition that requires attention. Losing a pound here and there may be the result of fluctuations in your diet, exercise regularity, work schedule, sleep, stress Levels, medications and substance abuse, among others. However, unexplained weight loss is typically defined as the loss of more than 5% of your body weight in less than six months. That represents a significant loss, especially if you're not trying to lose that weight.

Treatments for unexplained weight loss

Given the long list of possible causes of unexplained weight loss, addressing those more serious problems is the best way to treat this type of weight loss, or at least prevent it from continuing. Once the underlying condition is treated or mitigated, you can gain weight behind When talking with a nutritionist about a high level of healthcalorie Diet that can make your body return to normal. Some of the classic techniques of weight gain include the following:

Eat more meals

Perhaps the most obvious solution to the problem of weight loss is simply to eat more meals. Make sure they have a high calorie content and "good" fats, which can increase your body weight without putting your heart health and in general wellness in danger.

Less water intake

When trying to lose weight, many people to drink 1-2 glasses of Water to help fill your stomach and suppress their appetite. Therefore, when trying to gain weight, avoid drinking water Before or during meals, as it will increase your appetite and allow you to consume more calories before you feel satisfied.

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Larger plates

A psychological approach to weight gain is to use larger plates, just as a psychological approach to losing weight is to use smaller plates. This will encourage larger portions and more calorie intake per meal, helping to increase volume and prevent malnutrition.

Protein shakes

Protein it is an essential part of muscle Building and as many regulars know, muscle weighs more than fat. Adding a protein Shake between meals, you can ensure that your body has the raw materials to increase muscle production and increase your overall mass.

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