Top 8 health benefits of cucumber water

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Drink Cucumber Water is a sure way to improve your health because it offers a series of surprising benefits and is very easy to prepare.

What is cucumber water?

Very simple, cucumber water It is water that is infused with slices of cucumber. It is made by submerging and soaking slices of cucumber in a jug of water. While this may seem too simple, many of the cucumber's active ingredients are infused into the water, which increases your total nutrient intake. On the other hand, cucumbers they're about to 95% water [1] This is the cucumber water that is so popular in detoxification that it cleans.

Cucumber water is good for you because it has the earthy and refreshing taste of cucumbers, as well as many other nutrients. and active the ingredients [2] Drinking cucumber water increases your vitamin B and vitamin C It is rich in beta-carotene, manganese and molybdenum. The most important thing is that cucumbers contain anti-inflammatory flavonols such as "fisetin" and several other antioxidants, including cucurbitacin.

According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, cucumbers also contain folic acid and silica, which have a number of positive effects on the body. [3] However, the most important thing is that this is a delicious and unique touch in an average glass of water that will keep you coming back for more.

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Benefits of cucumber water

The powerful benefits of cucumber water include skin care, weight loss, chronic diseases, cardiovascular health and bone density, among others.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water intake It can be done through A variety of drinks and foods. [4] Hydration It is very important and drinking cucumber water not only hydrates your body, but also helps prevent constipation and kidney stones. [5]

So if you find it difficult to maintain drinking waterInfusing it with nutritious cucumbers can help you increase your nutrient intake while keeping it hydrated.

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Cucumber water is low in calories and is extremely good at filling you up. This not only prevents overeating but also help in rapid weight loss.

Water is naturally good at this because thirst is often confused with hunger. A 12-week research study. LED by Elizabeth A. [6] Dennis, Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise, Virginia Tech et al. suggests that middle-aged adults who consumed 500 ml of water before the three main daily meals as part of a hypocaloric diet yielded more than 2 kg of weight compared to adults who were in a Hypocaloric diet alone. The men and women who were part of this study had a BMI range of 25-40 and were between 55 and 75 years of age.

That's why wWhen you make this infusion of cucumber water a most of your Diet, can help you avoid overeating and eat unnecessary snacks between meals that can derail any diet. [7]

Skin care

There is a series of antioxidants and vitamins. found in Cucumbers that can help with skin health and acne. [8] According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of Young Pharmacists, an aqueous extract of cucumber contains flavonoids and tannins that can neutralize free radicals. [9] This helps reduce oxidative stress, the force that can cause wrinkles, age spots, spots and loose skin as you get older. Cucumber water is not only a well-known natural remedy to treat acne breakouts, it also has a refreshing effect on the skin.


Drink Cucumber water helps eliminate toxins. of the body and increase urination. [10] This means that the toxins in your body are eliminated faster, which reduces the pressure on your metabolic system.

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Muscular strength

One of the unique components of cucumber water is silica. This is a mineral that is rarely discussed in relation to human health. However, it is a vital part Connective tissue in the body. [11] Silica can, therefore, help stimulate muscle growth and tone.

Decrease blood pressure

Drinking cucumber water is an excellent way to increase your Levels of potassium, which is a vital electrolyte. for health in general. Potassium also acts as a vasodilator for reduce Blood pressure and lower tension in the cardiovascular system. [12]

Improve the health of the heart

Potassium-rich cucumber water helps decrease the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes and coronary heart disease.

Bone density

Although there are not many minerals in cucumber water, it contains silica and manganese, among other trace elements. According to research by Dr. Ravin Jugdaosingh of the University of Cambridge, foods such as silicon-rich cucumber can help strengthen bones and lower your risk of osteoporosis as you get older. [11]

prostate cancer

Cucumbers contain a unique compound called cucurbitacin, which acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body. This is according to a study. published in the Current pharmaceutical design magazine. [13] Another study, published in a report by the American Association for Cancer Research, showed that Fisetin, an anti-inflammatory compound found in cucumbers and strawberries, may help slow the progression of prostate cancer. [14]

So go ahead and do this simple detoxifying drink. For cucumber water, clean and slice a cucumber. Fill a glass with cold water and add the cucumbers. Let them marinate in water for a few minutes or even at night. Enjoy!

Top 8 Health Benefits of Cucumber Water, Reference:

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