Top 7 pomegranate molasses substitutes

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If you are looking for pomegranate molasses substitutes, you can easily settle for the ingredients you can have at home.

Pomegranate molasses It is traditionally used in Middle Eastern cuisine and has a distinct bittersweet flavor. It has gained popularity around the world and is used to give a new flavor to non-traditional dishes and drinks.

Superior substitutes

You can use several foods Instead of pomegranate molasses. The best substitutes are cranberry juice concentratedgrenadine balsamic vinegar with sugarsweetened Granada juice syrup, and Tamarind hit with honey.

Cranberry juice concentrate

To replicate the sour taste of pomegranate molasses, you can use blueberry juice concentrated. It works well in vinaigrettes and dishes. If you have cranberry juice by hand, you can prepare a simple syrup with cranberry juice and sugar or molasses. Adjust the sugar or molasses to your liking, depending on how sweetened your juice is.


Grenadine is one of the best substitutes for pomegranate molasses if you are making a drink. However, it is much sweeter than pomegranate molasses, so you may have to reduce the amount of any added. sweeteners.

Substitutes of pomegranate molasses

Pomegranate and sugar juice

You can make your own pomegranate molasses at home. reducing Pomegranate juice (either homemade or bottled) until it has a consistency like honey. [1] Add sugar to your liking; However, if your juice is already sweetened, you do not need to add sugar.

Balsamic vinegar and sugar

Make a syrup by cooking balsamic vinegar with sugar to replicate the sweet and the cake. taste of pomegranate molasses. [2] This works well in roast vegetables as well as a dip in a mezze dish.

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Reduction of raspberry jam

You can reduce without seeds raspberry or black Cherry Marmalade until it has a thick consistency. This can be used in salads and dishes that need a depth of flavor.

Tamarind and Honey Paste

If you are looking to make a dish from the Middle East with meat and if you want an intense taste explosion, you can substitute pomegranate molasses with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of Tamarind Pasta and 1 teaspoon of honey. You can also use tamarind paste cooked with dates.

Cassis Syrup (Blackcurrant)

If you want to cheer up your drinks, use cassis syrup. However, it has a slightly bitter taste compared to pomegranate molasses.

Top 7 substitutes for pomegranate molasses, reference:

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