Top 6 benefits of bergamot

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An interesting type of citrus plant, bergamot It is not well known in many parts of the world, but recent research shows that it can treat a wide variety of diseases.

What is bergamot?

Bergamot, scientifically known as Citrus bergamia, is grown mainly in Italy. The tree produces the small green bergamot, which resembles a Lime and it is believed that it is a hybrid of lemon and bitter orange. The taste is very bitter and remarkably similar to lemon. the fruit It is edible and is often used to make marmalades. However, the traditional use of the fruit is actually centered around its shell. Bergamot oil, produced from the skin of the fruit, it is used in everything from digestive liquors for fragrance industry. It is used to flavor. Earl Gray Tea which is one of the most popular types of tea. Only recently the medical industry has begun to evaluate the fruit and juice of bergamot oranges, but the first results are quite promising!

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The benefits of bergamot fruit include improving skin health, decreasing stress levels, increasing mental focus, and preventing Cancer among others.

Skin care

Bergamot helps treat various skins. disorders, as psoriasis, vitiligo, and acne.

Reduce stress

The essential oil derived from the peel is commonly used to reduce stress in Cancer patients going by Radiation therapy and to increase mental health. surveillance. [1] [2]

Acts as an insecticide

The oil has insecticide Properties and is a popular treatment to protect. against Lice and parasites. [3]

Prevents cancer

This fruit and its derivatives are applied as a topical treatment, along with UV light, for mycosis fungoides, which is a type of cancer of the immune system.

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Reduce the cholesterol

The use of bergamot in concentrated amounts helps to reduce cholesterol levels. This is due to the presence of chemical substances melitidina and brutieridina that are only found in the exclusive juice of citrus fruits of this plant.

Acts as a Digestive

This powerful natural medicine is remarkably effective in reducing swelling and is used to make a digestive liquor after dinner to drink. Earl Gray is a tea traditionally flavored with this fruit, which is also popular in the treatment of digestive problems.

Side effects

Bergamot is not approved for women during the pregnancy or breast-feeding, as it can endanger the development of the child. Other side effects include the following:

This fruit, as well as its leaves and juices, are phototoxic, sense That can make your skin especially sensitive to the sun. [4] In some cases, children who consumed large doses of bergamot experienced fatal seizures. It can interact with many medications and can decrease blood. sugar levels, so it's inadequate for diabetics who are under treatment

Note: women should stop taking bergamot at least two weeks before surgery.

The 6 main advantages of bergamot, reference:

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