Top 5 best shavers under 2000 rupees

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I have made a list of the best 5 best shavers of less than 2000 rupees.These electric shavers give you an effortless shaving experience. These shaving products remove unwanted hair from the legs, arms and armpits, which softens the skin and can be used on both dry and wet skin. The shavers are elegant and compact that adapt comfortably to your hand and give you the best experience.

Well, I have listed here the 5 best shaving machines under Rs 2000 below.

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Agaro Shaver WD 651 for men[Rs1699priceprice[Rs1699OnlinePrice[Rs1699precioenlínea[Rs1699OnlinePrice][Market Price 1999 Rs]

Shaver Agaro WD 651

Agaro The WD 651 shaver for men is available for Rs.1699. The online market price is 1999, but you can get this electric razor below the price of 2000 rupees if you buy online. with great features in this range and with name of the brand Agaro, has the sharp blades that are durable, as well as self-sharpening technology while shaving with a unique ergonomic grip and round heads with the guarantee of 2 years of constant blade performance every 30 minutes Use approx. All Aquatec Seal and stylize your look for any occasion with confidence and ease when bringing home this Agaro WD 651 Shaver for men of this brand, Agaro what guarantees an excellent shaving result at all times, this super razor Give your skin a clean and polished finish. The recharge time is 480 min.

Key features :

Trimmer with cable

30 minutes of use

480 minute recharge time

Charge indicator

Triple rotary heads

Philips Hair PH-QG5130 / 78 Clipper [Rs. 1995 Online Price][Market Price 2200 Rs]

Philips Hair PH-QG5130-78 Clipper

The Philips Hair PH-QG5130 / 78 Clipper Male product is designed specifically for men who care about their own appearance. With revolutionary technology and state-of-the-art designs, these hair and body care products are the ultimate design tools for you to take control of your style and discover a new self. Thanks to Philips' new men's grooming range, you can now experience the great feeling of confidence and look absolutely better. Philips is about using technology to make lives easier without compromising perfection. Manufactured by Philips United Kingdom.

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Key features :

Cleaning brushes

Steel coated blades

Hair brooch

Free floating head

Panasonic ES3833 Shaver for men [Rs. 2000 Online Price][Market Price 2450 Rs]

Panasonic ES3833 Shaver

The ES3833 is a Panasonic men's shaver for the best shaving and trimming experience. The single blade float head of the ES3833 men's shaver fits all the contours of your face and neck. The body of this Panasonic ES3833 shaver is sleek and compact, it fits comfortably in your hand. The Panasonic ES3833 shaver comes with a hard case that protects your razor from damage should it fall. The Panasonic ES3833 shaver consists of a sliding trimmer that provides a five-o'clock shadow.

Key features :


Single sheet

90 minutes of execution time

Wet and dry application

Sliding wide trimmer

Floating head

Panasonic ES2291 shaver for women [Rs. 1700 Online Price][Market Price 2140 Rs]

Panasonic ES2291 Shaver

The Panasonic ES2291 for women gives you an effortless shaving experience. The complete unit of the Panasonic ES2291 shaver is packed compactly in an elegant body. The Panasonic ES2291 women's razor works with 2 AAA size batteries and gives you a competent wireless shave. This elegant body has a waterproof design that removes hair with foam and protects your skin.

Key features :

Wet / dry application

Washable head

Floating head

Anti-slip grip

Without cable

Long-lasting shaving

Agaro Two Head Rotary DS 581 Shaver [Rs. 900  Online Price][Market Price 1310 Rs]

Agaro Two Head Rotary DS 581

The DS 581 Agaro Two Head rotary razor is designed specifically for men who care about their appearance. It is an elegant and very smooth shaver. It takes time to cut on the neck, but rotation in a clockwise direction provides a perfect shave. The skin adapts to it the second time, without a burning sensation, without cuts. It is cordless and self-sharpening blade type with 2 rotating heads.

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Key features :

Self-sharpening blade


2 flexible head rotating shaver

Lifting and cutting technique

Protective cover

These are the best Rupees budgets under 2000 of Shavers if you are looking for something different type of product please leave your requirements in comments!

Top 5 best razors under 2000 rupees,

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