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Welcome back to my 10-week series on the 10 main essential oils! This week, it's about LEMON! This is a highly antibacterial and detoxifying oil that is good for everything from acne to staphylococcal infection. Read all about this here, and enter to win!

I never really started using lemon oil until I bought my Young Living Premium Starter Kit. I knew it was good for cleaning, but that was it! Now, this is one of my favorite oils that I ask about every two months!

The lemon originally comes from California and Italy and, historically, has been used in skin care, cleaning and treatment of scurvy.

My favorite ways to use lemon

Mental stimulant: I will often broadcast it in the afternoon while I work on the computer during the nap to keep my mind sharp and clear, mixing it with mint. It's really uplifting and clears my mind!

Cleaning – I also put it in my cleaning supplies, along with thieves, for a powerful and safe cleaner.

Dietary supplement – I add a drop to my water in the morning. I love the way it makes my water taste, plus it helps eliminate bad bacteria from my gut (the overgrowth of bad bacteria leads to a leaky gut, which causes a lot of autoimmune problems!) And detoxifies my liver! A drop packs quite a punch.

Cooking and baking – The lemon adds a delicious flavor and you do not have to go through the work of squeezing a bunch of lemons! A drop of lemon essential oil equals 16 lemon peels, so a little goes a long way!

Respiratory infections and viruses – The other way I use it is when my children have coughs, colds or other respiratory infections or viruses. It is safe for babies and children, and it is gentle, but still very effective.

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<p><strong>Properties of lemon oil</strong></p>
<p>Antioxidant: the lemon contains 68% of d-limonene, which is a powerful antioxidant! Antioxidants fight free radicals, which is important to be healthy and stay healthy.<br />A soft liver cleanser<br />It is compatible with the nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system, which is very useful for mental health<br />Cleaning and purification.<br />Combat germs<br />Helps the skin – use in spots, cuts, scrapes and wounds</p>
<p><strong>  The best way to get lemon …</strong></p>
<p>… It's in this Young Living Premium Starter Kit! Why? This is the one I chose first and I recommend it because you get a diffuser, which is the easiest and safest way to get the benefits of any oil, plus you get 11, ALWAYS other oils, samples and publications, all for only $ 150 ! All items cost individually more than $ 300, so you can save a lot by buying as a package. In addition, you will receive a gift from me, personally sent from my home to your home, a "Quick Reference Guide on the use of essential oils". It's only $ 20! It will make sure you know how to actually use all your oils so they do not end up in a cabinet somewhere. Here are the included oils (and those that are part of this series of education and raffles!)</p>
<p>    Lavender Thieves Incense PanAway Joy Stress Away Melaleuca Alternifolia Lemon Peppermint Purifying Fresh Citrus   </p>
<p><strong>There are three ways to use Young Living oils</strong></p>
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Typically – applied to the skin, either in the place where the oil is needed or in the Vita Flex points of the feet, hands or ears. Some oils must be diluted and others not, indicated on each bottle.
Aromatic – Diffusing the oils in an aromatherapy diffuser is without a doubt the easiest and safest way to use them! You can also simply suck directly from the bottle to obtain therapeutic benefits.
Internally – Many Young Living oils are safe to ingest and use internally, either by adding them to a drink or carrier oil and swallowing them, or by placing them in a capsule and swallowing them. (However, I can only recommend Young Living safely, as it has been tested for purity and quality and has been used internally for more than 20 years.)

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