Tinea: causes and symptoms

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Tub It's very common mushrooms infection of the skinand it is highly contagious.

What is ringworm?

The technical term for this skin condition is dermatophytosis, and fungal infection can be transmitted by sweat exchange, contact with animals, public. showershigh contact sports with exposed skin (eg, fight), obesity and a weakened immune system.

The symptoms

The signs of ringworm are also quite easy to detect, which makes it relatively simple condition diagnose, and subsequently, treat. [1] It appears as a red, hot spicy, circular eruption, and the hair in the affected area it may fall.

The most commonly affected areas of the skin are in the groin (men) and the arms, legs and torso, but you also find ringworm on the scalp, especially in children. [2] The visual inspection of a doctor can usually diagnose the condition, or a simple scraping and analysis of the skin.

You can avoid this fungal infection by minimizing your exposure to other people's sweat or skin, or your exposure to places where other people's skin may have touched.

Tinea: Causes and symptoms, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/ringworm-symptoms-causes.html

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