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The vagina is a fascinating organ of the female body. We may never fully understand how complicated a woman's reproductive system is. However, we will keep trying.

The vagina is very similar to a self-cleaning oven. It mixes your mixtures and balances the various fungi and bacteria there to create the perfect pH. All this cleaning is done with the use of vaginal discharge.

What is a vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is the fluid that the vagina produces to lubricate and clean it. Every woman has felt or seen her release in her panty or panty underwear. In fact, it is recommended that you pay close attention to your hospital discharge, since it is usually a good indicator of whether everything is good or bad.

More specifically, vaginal discharge is produced by glands located in the cervix and vagina. As you probably have noticed, this liquid is usually odorless and varies in consistency and appearance. The main purpose of vaginal discharge is to get rid of dirt, dead bacteria and cells while maintaining the delicate pH balance in the vagina. Mainly, the vagina is getting together with fungi and bacteria. These fungi and bacteria play a crucial role in the reproductive cycle by maintaining ideal conditions for sperm to survive.

Types of vaginal discharge

You will experience different types of vaginal secretions depending on where you are in your cycle. For example, when you are safe (the days between ovulation and the start of a new cycle), your discharge is likely to be whitish, paste-like, and odorless. During ovulation, its release becomes light and mucus-like. This consistency is essential for the sperm to swim comfortably.

There are cases in which its secretion can turn into several other colors such as greenish, yellowish, grayish and brown among others. Each of these cases is an indication of something out of the ordinary. They are not the signs that you are in trouble, but only one type of transitional discharge (the discharge that is experienced as the transition of the body from one reproductive cycle to another). However, if you smell something out of the ordinary, there is a cause for concern. It is the standard problem that every proper discharge must be odorless. If you discover a less attractive scent that comes out of your vagina, it's time to visit the gynecologist.

We have talked about some of the types of downloads mentioned above. As for those we do not have, stay tuned, we will do it. In this article, we will address the thick white discharge, the various types and indications.

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Thickness, White Cheesy Discharge

The discharge of thick white cheese is a familiar type of release. You will probably notice that the discharge is larger in volume and may or may not have a mild odor. This is an indicator of yeast infection or vaginal Candida.

When you think about yeast, you are likely to imagine foams. As we mentioned earlier, even a healthy vagina has a degree of fungus. Too active and overgrown fungi cause a yeast infection. Too much fungus causes a drop in the pH balance of the vagina. It is a generalized infection that affects 80% of all women.

In addition to the secretion of curdled milk, you may experience irritating itching of the vagina, swelling and redness in the vulva, and a burning or pain sensation during urination and intercourse. Candida can be quite embarrassing because of the way it forces you to scratch the lower regions. If you experience these symptoms, you should visit a health care provider to get tested. The doctor will probably prescribe pills or cream.

Several factors cause a yeast infection. The top of the list is the peak of estrogen before and after your months. Another common cause is the introduction of chemical products in the parts of your lady. Do not wash your vagina with perfumed soaps or apply anything cosmetic to be able to smell well. Always wear cotton pants that are preferably hand washed and dried in direct sunlight. A tendency to abuse antibiotics can also affect the PH of their rapture and cause a yeast infection. It is essential that your partner be treated for a yeast infection at the same time as you to avoid contracting it again. Make sure you keep your vagina clean by washing it with clean, pure water and nothing else. Finally, practice safe sex, especially if you have more than one partner.

Milky white discharge

This type of download is perfectly reasonable. It is the download with which we are content for most of our monthly cycle. The milky white discharge changes slightly depending on what is happening in our bodies. Let's see the different cases in which the milky white discharge changes.

During ovulation, you will notice that white discharge as a paste becomes colorless and fibrous. This is a sure sign that you are ovulating. If you were looking for a baby, this is the perfect time to start trying.

After ovulation and before the start of the next cycle, you will notice that your discharge returns to the creamy consistency similar to a paste. This is usually an indicator that everything is fine with the world.

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If you conceive, pregnancy comes with many hormonal changes. Your download will increase significantly. This is because the body is trying to keep the vagina free of germs and is also working on creating a mucus plug to seal the cervix. The pregnancy discharge is thick and fibrous.

When sexually aroused, a gland located at the top of your vulva produces a discharge for lubrication during intercourse. This, along with your partner's sperm and pre-semen, will result in a good volume of discharge after intercourse.

It is essential to reiterate that as long as your discharge does not have a funky smell, there is no cause for alarm. It is likely that your body is just overcoming another hormonal obstacle.

Grayish or greenish white discharge with a fishy smell

The reason why we have included this particular download in the list of thick white releases is that it has a wide range of colors. Sometimes it is a whitish or grayish-white or green-yellow discharge. The only characteristic consistent with this discharge is the bad smell of fish.

Often, the cause of this type of discharge has been a common ailment called bacterial vaginosis. A large percentage of people at some time in their lives have contracted this disease. Most people who get this disease have no symptoms. You will probably know it from the discharge with the smell of gray-white fish. Rarely, patients experience other symptoms such as a burning sensation when urinating and itching or irritation around the opening of the vagina. Although it can contract bacterial vaginosis sexually, it is not recognized as a sexually transmitted disease.

Scientists have not been able to diagnose the exact cause of this disease. The diagnosis of foot is that it is caused by a bacterial imbalance in the vagina. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid showers, use chemical products such as bath soaps or gels in the vagina, use vaginal deodorants or wash panties with strong detergents.

Instead, wash your vagina with pure, clean water without soap and wash by hand and dry your panties in the sun. Always use protection if you have a new sexual partner or multiple sexual partners.

Our bodies are constantly throwing curved balls. That is why it is essential to closely monitor the functioning of your body to ensure that you are taking good care of it.

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