They are legumes or green bean vegetables

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If you have ever asked yourself – they are green beans vegetables? – You are not alone, but there is a clear enough answer to the question.

What are green beans?

Legumes are defined botanically as any member of the pea family, Fabaceae, It consists of pods and closed. seeds, as well as other edible portions of these plants. While green Beans are often excluded of the category of ripe beans, such as black beans, kidney Beans and pinto beans are still considered legumes depending on their classification and taxonomic characteristics. [1]

legumes are green beans

That said, it's important to remember that all legumes are a type of vegetable, even though not all vegetables They are legumes.

The vegetables are Widely classified as an edible part of a plant; by that classification, fruits They are also forms of vegetables. [2] In trying to determine what foods it belongs to where, depending on who you ask and in what context, the answer may change.

For now, trust that your beloved green beans are, in fact, members of the legume family, even if they look slightly different and are in a less mature form than other traditional beans.

They are legumes or green bean greens, reference:

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