They are bananas fruits, vegetables or herbs

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Many people around the world have asked bananas fruits? – And rightly so, since they are unique in many ways.

Are bananas fruits, vegetables or herbs?

Although people have argued that bananas are vegetables because they are missing seeds, that is not really true. Bananas that are grown commercially and distributed around the world are sterile, so its seeds They are significantly reduced in size. [1] The small brown or black spots that appear in the middle of the banana are the immature seeds These bananas have been bred specifically so that they do not have seeds, since banana plants in the wild have large seeds that hinder consumption. fruit.

they are banana fruits

So, of course, bananas are not vegetables, but are the fruit bananas? Or are herbs? Most people would immediately say that bananas are fruits, but it turns out that the distinction of a fruit versus a grass It is based partially on the type of stem that contains the plant. Although we refer to the plant where bananas grow like bananas, it is not a precise distinction. Banana plants Are actually herbaceous The plants, and their stems do not contain any woven wood. [2]

From the classification of foods As vegetables, fruits and herbs are a bit confusing, and there are certain foods in a gray area between precise categorizations, it is generally accepted that bananas are both fruits and herbs. Basically, the botanical definition of a fruit makes bananas a fruit, but the botanical definition of an herb makes a banana plant herbaceous.

They are fruits, vegetables or herbs of bananas, reference:

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