The skin and its care

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To look young and have healthy skin, you should always take care of it. How? I'll talk about it in this article. Once you identify your skin type and realize the lifestyle factors that can affect your skin, you will be ready to take steps that will take care of your skin.

The four main steps necessary for skin care are already famous and classic:

– cleaning
– Rebalance of pH and toning.
– Skin treatment
– Hydration

Now let's take them one by one, because you have to do it in each stage separately.

1. cleaning

The skin should be cleaned twice a day to remove dead cells and free the pores. The cleaning in the morning is excellent because it removes the sebum accumulated during the night, while cleaning at night allows to remove dirt, sebum and makeup residue. Let's not forget that today, pollution is an important factor in aging.

It is essential to clean your face with a cleansing milk or a real natural soap. Regular soaps that we know contain too many chemicals, dry skin and prevent natural lubrication, which will result in a faster wrinkle of the skin.

2. pH rebalancing and toning.

The best thing is to have a skin with pH balanced to hydrate more easily. This stage of the cleaning process allows to close the pores, eliminate any residue and restore the normal pH of skin hydration and greater efficiency. "natural beauty carvings =" "height =" "width =" "></a></p>
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3. Skin treatment.

Depending on your age, weather conditions, workplace, skin problems or any other factor that affects the skin, you need a particular treatment. It is important to treat the skin according to the rough appearance, dark spots, wrinkles or redness or other skin problems. Because the treatment will depend on the type of skin you have.

4. hydration

To compensate for the loss of moisture due to wind, cold, smoke, etc., it must rehydrate the skin. Hydration contains antioxidants that help neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals, elements that help to repair moisture and revitalize the skin. Hydration acts a bit like a protective barrier against drying.

Hydration is really the most important step of skin care. The health of the skin depends to a large extent on the hydration of the skin. You can use products to nourish, regenerate or refresh the skin.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, apply a skin moisturizer on slightly damp skin with rose water after a bath or shower, as this will facilitate absorption. Do not forget to moisturize your skin in the morning and also at night, because the cells act more during sleep. Following these steps, you will always have healthy skin.

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