The shocking truth about children's cereals

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Did you know that cereal for children has, on average, 40 percent more sugar per "serving" than adult cereals? Of course, the term "serve" is also quite general and can vary a lot from person to person, so it is dreadful to think about the amount of sugar our children consume each morning. When we look at children's cereal, we think of colorful pets that advertise healthy breakfasts that are full of "vitamins" and other healthy ingredients. Unfortunately, these pets are created by billions of dollars marketing machines and have been popularized over the years with smart advertising; his claims about "vitamins" are very deceptive. While they have managed to dominate the aisles of supermarkets thanks to this type of mass marketing, it is time to look more closely.

Look beyond the free toys inside and beyond the colorful pets with their sugary smiles. You will find products that are loaded with corn syrup with high fructose content (sugar in poor condition that is related to all kinds of problems), GMO (probably genetically modified corn), BHA (a toxic substance that can cause cancer), Lecithin soy (a toxic additive), Annato (a toxic natural flavoring that can cause headaches and other problems), BHT (a chemical compound that can affect the brain) and a number of other toxic ingredients that are too difficult to pronounce.

It's hard to go against these giant cereal brands, especially when we see ads and advertisements everywhere we go and where we click. But it is time to act. Because step by step, we can make a difference. We need to see up close what we feed our families and tell our children. And that's where Joosh's juice bar comes in! Our mission is to take a real look at the benefits of healthy eating by introducing our own colorful, fun and healthy pets!

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We recently discovered a man on a mission. A mission similar to ours! To help you take simple steps towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. His name is Josh Gottsegen and we really love what he is trying to do.

Watch his video below:

The juice bar of Joosh: the game of Tropland

Y The juice bar of Joosh: the adventure of Blue Banana Berry

It will help your children get excited about eating healthy foods. We have taken a look at both and we think they are great.

Do you have any other great children's book that inspires a healthy life?


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