The red beets, a healing food known for millennia but ignored in our days

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The virtues of natural foods are increasingly being investigated in US laboratories United States, Great Britain, France, China and Russia.

Lately, the qualities of red beet were confirmed for the treatment of diseases such as bronchitis, constipation, hemorrhoids, influenza, hypertension, colds, headaches, leg swelling, kidney stones, stones and cholecystitis and, in some cases, even Cancer.

The red beet, used as a treatment, has a past that is lost in antiquity. In Babylon, Assyria and Iran the healers used it so successfully in the diseases mentioned above, so the roots of red beet were exported with caravans, such as gold and spices, to the Roman Empire and Greece.

A legend tells that the Roman emperor Tiberius, convinced of the qualities of the beet, established a tribute to the Germanic tribes in boxes of beet, for bags of gold.

Modern laboratories have confirmed the antioxidant qualities of beets and actions to strengthen the body's immune system. Beets contain large amounts of iron that fights betanin anemia, potassium salts in blood pressure, have positive effects on cholesterol, metabolism of lipids in liver cells and strengthen vascular walls.

There is copper content in the red beet. The lack of copper in the diet causes the early loss of hair, bone fractures and disorders in the activity of the pancreas.

Another important element is zinc, present in large quantities. Due to its presence in food, the reproductive organs work well, can increase sexual appetite, prevent pimples, furunculosis and hair loss. Lack of zinc affects vision and can cause a myocardial infarction.

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<p>All beets contain a large amount of manganese, which protects the liver from fatty dystrophy, reduces blood sugar levels, helps fight MS and removes excess water from the body. Beets contain iodine, which promotes metabolism, which makes it very favorable for people suffering from obesity and inhibits thyroid function.</p>
<p>Perhaps the most interesting qualities of beets are related to cancer. Far from stating that this incurable disease can be cured by beet, it is notable, however, that the use of beet juice to treat cancer in folk medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. The red pigment of the plant is a major player in the fight against cancer, thus prolonging the patient's life.</p>
<p>Naturally, no one should diagnose their disease on their own, nor should they administer their treatments without a prescription, whether natural. It is more prudent to go to the doctor, who knows precisely, on a case-by-case basis when medical treatment is required.</p>
<p>However, the following recommendations and explanations have appeared in the Russian media:</p>
<p>The minimum daily dose of pigment for cancer is one pound of beet, the equivalent of 250-300 ml of juice to be consumed without pause, for life. The pigment is not toxic, it does not decompose in thermal processing and digestion. Its therapeutic qualities are still preserved after boiling at 100 degrees centigrade for 2 hours.</p>
<p>Regular consumption of beet in any form will normalize the patients, restore appetite and reduce the adverse effects of radiation treatments. It is recommended that the beet be mixed with oatmeal, horseradish, banana, milk or fish.</p>
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At the Moscow Oncology Center, patients are prescribed daily 250 gr of raw, fine grated beet, for 3-4 times. If the raw beet is not accepted by the patient's body, it is replaced with 300 ml of juice. After three weeks of administration, patients receive blood tests and improvements in general health were observed.

The red beets, a healing food known for millennia but ignored in our days, source of the article: in our days /

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