The pros and cons of consuming crabs

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Being one of the most delicious crustaceans offered by the ocean, these ten-legged creatures are a true delight that we give each time we have the opportunity. According to some sources, 20% of all seafood consumed are made of crabs and although they come in several forms, the most common is the blue crab.

Benefits of crabmeat

This is what you need to know about them!

The good things

Due to the high concentration of Omega-3, they are beneficial for the heart and the brain, so, instead of taking supplements, you can enjoy some delicacies. Omega-3 fatty acids help the body by making blood cells more malleable, which ensures easier blood flow. By reducing triglycerides in the circulatory system, the arteries remain clean, without deposits. In the case of joint or arthritis problems, Omega-3 works wonders by decreasing inflammation and reducing pain. Being a source of selenium, which is an antioxidant, can help people with cancer by reducing mercury or arsenic levels. Studies show that a higher level of selenium in the blood tends to decrease the risk of cancer. Rich in amino acids, meat is an excellent source of protein, so if you are looking to increase muscle strength or just eat healthy, it is good to include crab meat in your diet. Low in calories, the crab offers the ability to monitor your diet and stay in shape, but also helps you eat healthily and take care of your daily protein level. In case you are trying to control your carbohydrate intake, the blue crab meat has 0 carbohydrates, so you can consume it without having to feel tired or inactive afterwards. Because the meat contains high levels of chromium, the glucose level decreases, which allows the body to process the sugar producing insulin.

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The bad things

Crab meat contains a lot of cholesterol, which is bad for the body. High cholesterol levels can cause heart disease and circulatory problems, so it is best to consume it in moderation. Due to a high amount of sodium, it can increase your blood pressure and when consumed regularly, can cause heart problems such as congestive heart failure and even stroke. The increase in the level of slurry in the meat is a deficit for people suffering from gout, so it would be better to stay away from this type of food in case you suffer from this condition.

In general, meat crab tends to have more advantages than cons, and it is a delicious dish that can also be served as appetizers, at breakfast buffets, as the main dish or even as a cake.

As long as you buy it from a safe source and it's fresh, it's up to you if you consume it fried, boiled, baked, with or without sauces and herbs. In any case, like many things in life, moderation is the key.


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