The nasal bone never grows back

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If a person suffering from nasal obstruction with mild to moderate nasal allergies, it is most likely that he suffers from DNS (deviated nasal septum). The nasal obstruction is due to the deviated portion of the nasal septum (this is the bony partition of the nasal cavity). Allergies are due to the muco-ciliary mechanism hindered (mucus is normally produced in the nose to moisten the nasal cavity, the oral cavity and help the food bolus move down, this mucus moves basically in the cilia of the nasal mucus). The mechanism is hindered and the mucus begins to accumulate in the nose and in the sinus cavity, so the thick mucus comes from the nose in patients with nasal obstruction and the person develops SINUSITS. When a surgeon completely removes the deviation of the nasal septum and then slowly in 3-4 months, the mucociliary mechanism recovers and the patients recover completely. If the deviation of the septum has not been eliminated correctly, the symptoms persist and the patient thinks that the bone of the nose has regrown. It is not due to regeneration, but to half of the surgery performed or due to the non-elimination of the deviation (the reason can be many). Nowadays, the deviation of the nasal septum can be eliminated endoscopically and patients obtain good results according to the strategy followed in ARUNA HOSPITAL OF THE THROAT OF THE NOSE OF THE EAR. We are providing complete deviation removal facilities, and we are giving good results consequently.

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