The key to lasting happiness in relationships

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Offering yourself love and acceptance, unconditionally, is the basis for your own happiness and health, and for joyful relationships with others. It is a journey to get there, so on the way we find all the ways in which we have been blocking our own inner love.

In relationships, the spiritual ego (which is synonymous with fear) tends to block love and our access to our inner truth. As a result, we are out of touch with what it feels like to have personal freedom. The habit of the ego is to blame external circumstances and other people for how we feel; the ego convinces us that others are guilty or guilty, and that others (or external circumstances) must change so that we can find happiness.

When I lived in my ego, I felt hurt all the time. Ironically, nobody was doing anything to me. My ego would make me the victim of anything that someone was hiding from me or not doing what I wanted them to do; my ego took everything personally and made me feel powerless to change things.

But we must all remember that the universe is with us at the level where we are with ourselves. When my ego was ruling my life, I lived with fear and a feeling of lack, seeking my relationships to fill me up. Since I was not in a space of self-love, I aligned myself with people who were not emotionally available.

In other words, if we have unhealed wounds and fears, we will align ourselves with the perfect person who triggers them so that we can heal them, if we decide. But ultimately, it's not about the other person, it's about us and learning to change our world from the inside out, instead of seeking control or being complacent with our current situations.

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Everything changes when we begin to take personal responsibility for our lives. Taking personal responsibility for yourself and your actions is, perhaps surprisingly, the key to happy relationships. When we own our feelings, we now have the ability to look inward and do something about it instead of looking at the other person for everything we need, or trying to change them, creating codependence.

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