The healthiest chocolate cookies in India

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Children and adults are fans of chocolate cookies! But are they good for your health? As we said before, cookies are not a diet food, but if you can not stop eating them, then you should know which chocolate cookie is the healthiest. Which cookies have dangerous Trans fat? And what chocolate cookie has the lowest calories? Get more information about Is your daily cookie intake that makes you fat?.

We have carried out a nutritional analysis of the market leading chocolate biscuits: Britannia Good Day chocolate chips, Parle Hide and Seek, Britannia Bonbon and Sunfeast Tasty Choco cream.

One of the oldest chocolate cookies in India, Britannia Bonbon obtained the highest sugar content with 39 grams of sugar per 100 grams of cookies. This was 25% more calories from sugar than the others, which were about 31 grams of sugar.

The lowest calorie count turned out to be Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip. For 100 grams of cookies, it reached 461 calories. This was slightly lower than the other that ranged between 470 and 480 calories, per 100 g of weight.

The protein content in all the cookies was about 6 g of protein per 100 g. Clearly, cookies are not exactly a source of protein 🙂 The fat content in all this ranged from 15-19 gms. The lowest was Sunfeast Tasty Choco Cream with 15.4 g of fat, but this one had trans fat! Clearly, we do not recommend this one. Trans fats are harmful fatty acids. Many cities and countries have banned their use in food (not in India). They are created by hydrogenation of vegetable oil used in the processing and production of food.

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Last but not least, we always consider the ingredients. Parle Hide and Seek came first in this case. All the cookies used wheat flour as their first ingredient. The second ingredient was sugar for most, except for Parle Hide and Seek that used chocolate chips

Our best options are Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip for its lower calorie count and Parle Hide and Seek for the flavor and its ingredients, since they used more chocolate chips than others as part of the list of ingredients. Britannia Bonbon was third, and Sunfeast was at the bottom of our list, as it contains trans fat. Read about healthier chocolate And get to know the healthiest of dark, white and milk chocolate.

Below is the nutritional information of all 4 chocolate cookies for India:

1.Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip: 461 calories, 68.5 carbohydrates (32 sugar), 5.7 g of protein, 18.3 g

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, chocolate chips (14.5%), edible vegetable oil.

2.Parle to hide and search: 481 calories, 73 g of carbohydrates (32 g of sugar), 5.7 g of protein, 18.5 g

Ingredients: wheat flour, chocolate chips (27%), sugar, edible vegetable oil.

3.Britannia Bonbon: 470 calories, 69 g of carbohydrates (39 g of sugar), 5.8 proteins, 19 g fat

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar (36%), edible vegetable oil, milk solids, starch, cocoa solids.

4.Sunfeast tasty choco cream: 470 calories, 6.1 proteins, 76.7 grams of carbohydrates (31 sugar), 15.4 grams of fat (trans fat) Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, edible vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oils.

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