The health benefits of eating hemp!

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Poor, fat. It has been spoken negatively for decades. Unfortunately, fat does not deserve such criticism, especially if we refer to healthy fats!

In recent years, the importance of healthy fats to build and maintain our health has been emphasized more and more.

Do you need to convince? Here are five reasons why you should add foods such as avocados, coconut oil and more fatty fish to your shopping cart:

Fatty acids: Healthy fats provide essential fatty acids, which are necessary for many bodily functions, such as transporting cholesterol in the blood, fighting infections, balancing the immune system, forming hemoglobin, etc. Fat is energy! Power most of the functions of our life. When we are deficient in healthy fats, our energy decreases. The fat helps to keep the skin healthy. The cells of our body must contain fat to function, and this helps to better control what goes in and out of skin cells. Fat is essential for the absorption of vitamins K, A, E, D, etc. The fat helps to move these vitamins so that they are dispersed properly. Fat helps produce steroid hormones., that instigate and regulate our different body systems.

Eliminating healthy fats is not the key to losing weight effectively. However, such eliminations will cause a decrease in overall health. Fat is essential for so many body processes, so give your body what it needs: healthy fats. Your body will love you for that!

What are your favorite fats to include in your day?

Do you need some more reasons to recover fat? Here are 5 more!
Butter VS Margarine – Which one to choose? Find it now.

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