The healing benefits of foot reflexology massage

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Reflexology, also known as zone therapy or acupressure, dates back to ancient China and Egypt, and is documented in ancient medical texts from 4000 BC. C. Like the possible benefits and methodology of acupuncture, reflexology uses pressure instead of needles to activate points and organs throughout the body to relieve pain, stimulate circulation and balance bodily systems.

Although it was one of the oldest healing practices, reflexology was not adopted in the western regions of the world until at least the 1500s, and later in the twentieth century, when it was westernized and perhaps simplified in practice in Russia and Europe.

Despite its age and longevity, the long list of potential benefits of reflexology is neither well documented nor well researched. Like acupuncture, reflexology is not based on a pure scientific fact, but rather on a millennium of trial and error, patterns and an elaborate mapping of the energies of the body. Although it is still a somewhat controversial practice that has been considered "alternative", its reported benefits range from stress relief and relaxation to increased blood circulation.

Leaving the generalities aside, just because we can not prove that a response does not necessarily negate the potential benefits of wide range that reflexology can provide. It is said that reflexology stimulates individual organs and body symptoms, eliminates blockages and reverses the disease.

According to a traditional holistic mentality, if we see the disease as an imbalance or blockage in the body instead of a diagnosis, this means that once we eliminate this blockage and allow the energy to flow freely, the symptoms will disappear and the Health.

The potential benefits of reflexology are:

increased immunity improved energy stress relief and anxiety pain relief circulation stimulation reduction of blood pressure relief of congestion internal organ stimulation

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The practice of reflexology follows the meridians: energy lines or channels that map the entire body. Each organ corresponds to different channels that can be accessed through different points of the body. There are fourteen main channels of the body, and when it comes to reflexology, there are more than two thousand points throughout the body.

Although acupressure and reflexology can be practiced on any part of the body, it is common to do it on the hands, ears or feet, where the channels of the meridian end and join. Concentrated in these areas, we can access all the organs and systems of the body.

When it comes to our feet, these points can be accessed through the soles of the feet as well as the top. Simplified, there are four main areas of the soles of the feet that correspond to the organs related to the head and neck, the spine, the thorax and the pelvic areas. The left foot corresponds to the left side of the body, and the right foot, the right side of the body.

Areas of the body and areas of the foot that correspond to:

Head and neck regions and organs – toes

Thorn – Inside strip of each foot, which runs along the entire foot.

Region and organs of the chest, stomach, intestines, bladder – The chest area corresponds to the widest diameter of the foot. The waist area of ​​the body corresponds to the smallest diameter.

Pelvic region organs, legs, buttocks Heels, back leg.

For example, the tips of the fingers correspond to the paranasal sinuses. The line that goes down the edge of the inside foot corresponds to the spine. The area of ​​the kidney and bladder is located in the center of the foot, as well as along the internal arch. The area of ​​the small intestine, just behind it, in the rear center part of the hind paw.

There are many References of the foot reflexology map that help you understand the relationships of the organs and the corresponding areas of the feet.

When we feel pain, swelling or tension in these areas, it may be an indication of a blockage or a problem with these corresponding areas of the body.

When massaging, a strong pressure is not necessary. The real benefit is more about accessing these points specifically. Once found, each point is usually maintained for about one minute.

Although massage has benefits in itself, reflexology is more effective when practiced by a trained professional. See these Reflexology Associations for more information and help finding a reputable professional.

American Reflexology

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Reflexology Association of America

Australian Reflexology Association

Association of reflexologists

Have you tried acupuncture, acupressure or reflexology before? What was your experience?


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