The cleanest water on earth? Clue: It's not rainwater!

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For a something that is so deeply integral to our existence, water remains a product widely misunderstood. The quality of water that we allow in our bodies can have substantial effects on our health at the cellular level. We trust him for a crowd of bodily functions such as the formation of saliva, the production of hormones, the protection of organs and tissues, the lubrication of joints, the prevention of constipation, the regulation of body temperature, the administration of nutrients throughout the body and the elimination of toxins.

With that in mind, it would seem obvious that ensuring the quality of our drinking water should be a priority for anyone who cares about their well-being; However, identifying clean water can be a little more complicated than most people think.

As a child, my parents taught me that the best type of water to drink was rainwater because it was natural and untouched. Whenever dark clouds began to form on the horizon, my sister and I would take all the pots, pans, and pails from our house and place them on the lawn to try to pick up some of this natural generosity for us. In my opinion, it made perfect sense that the water that fell from the sky must be the purest type of water on earth.

Years later that belief was challenged when I started listening. Daniel Vitalis' "Recompense" podcast a series in which he explores ways in which modern humans can, at least partially, get rid of the chains of domestication and live a life closer to nature. An episode titled "Why I forage wild water" I began to transform my way of thinking about water quality.

What is wild water?

Water that has not been in contact with the toxic variety of artificial pollutants that exist in most of the surface and atmosphere of our planet is known as "wild water". When you consider the far-reaching influence that our species has had on this planet, it is incredible to imagine that any natural substance can be immune to contaminants; however, the wild water still exists and to understand correctly what it is, we must first understand what it is not.

Tap water is not wild

Let's start with the basics. We all know that tap water is as far from being "clean" as drinking water. A investigation published by the New York Times in 2009, found that US tap water often contains arsenic, lead, barium and other toxic chemicals that can pose serious health risks, even in small amounts. In addition, the amount of processing that we apply to public water is amazing.

The average municipality of the United States. water treatment process goes something like this:

Coagulation and flocculation – Chemicals with a positive charge to water are added to neutralize dirt and other particles. Sedimentation – The sediments are deposited in the bottom due to their weight and they are eliminated from the supply. Filtration – The remaining water passes through filters of different configurations and pore sizes to eliminate dissolved particles. Disinfection – A disinfectant can be added to kill any remaining parasites, bacteria and viruses. Fluorization – Fluoride is added in an attempt to prevent tooth decay that humans experience with their highly refined and sugar-focused diets. Go figure.

Suffice it to say that by the time tap water has been pumped through miles of pipes (often corroded) and has undergone all kinds of sterilizations, it's not really the kind of substance you want 60% to be composed of from his body.

Bottled water is not wild

Bottled water can come from a wild or semi-wild source, but most are stored and transported in containers containing BPA (Bisphenol A), a substance that is linked To serious health problems.

Most bottled water also undergoes a rigorous filtration process that can leave the water "dead", leaving very little of its original mineral content.

Surface water is not wild

This can be a bit difficult to accept, but surface water (rivers, lakes, dams, oceans) is not "wild" due to the simple fact that it can not escape human contaminants.

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Regardless of where the surface water is located, it is likely that there are some synthetic compounds present, whether from runoff from the farm, industrial waste, air pollution or even just human contact such as navigation or fishing, which can leave harmful residues in the water.

Rainwater is not wild

Another victim of the post-industrial world is rainwater; What now can no longer be considered savage. In the same way that surface water can not be immune to human influence, our atmosphere is also full of pollutants caused by a variety of man-made factors. As the water vapor in the atmosphere begins to condense, it absorbs the chemicals and gases that surround it and falls back to the surface in the form of rain, invariably bringing traces of these impurities.

But wait, there is hope … The spring water is wild!

Spring water is widely accepted as the cleanest water on earth; provided that it has been obtained naturally and has not been subject to transport factors such as pumps, pipes, faucets or bottles filled with BPA.

Spring water is formed over hundreds or thousands of years, as surface water sinks through multiple layers of organic material, including sand, gravel and rock, which eventually accumulate in underground aquifers . This process is an incredibly effective form of natural filtration and causes the water to be thoroughly cleaned of impurities. Then, a spring is produced when the groundwater of an aquifer is pressurized to a point where it is forced to rise to the surface.

The incredible thing about this water source is that most of it existed as surface water before the development of technology that allowed us to produce harmful synthetic compounds. Therefore, due to the amount of time required for water to reach an aquifer, almost all our natural spring water has been protected underground for longer than we have had the capacity to contaminate it.

So there you have it, spring water of natural origin is the cleanest in the world! If you are interested in learning about the excellent ways to harvest spring water, check out Daniel Vitalis's community project, Find a spring; What encourages people to identify and share resources and spring locations around the world!

To get more information about the quality of your drinking water, I encourage you to watch the movies The fountain Y Fluoride: a friend who wants to hurt you on FMTV.

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